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Brain imaging – update on the Human Connectome Project


A recent ‘Nature’ article summarizes progress on NIH’s ‘Human Connectome Project (HCP). The article provides stunning images and great food for thought. Sometimes in working closely with emerging technologies, it’s easy to become convinced that the next generation of computing platform or method, display technology or interaction modality will provide a stunning and revolutionary lead-ahead capability. We’ve seen this many …

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Different Responses in Standard Moral Dilemma Questions

Indrajeet Patila*, Carlotta Cogonia, Nicola Zangrandob,Luca Chittarob & Giorgia Silania  have conducted a study looking at a standard moral dilemma:  would you take an action that would kill a human if that action would save multiple humans?  One of the oldest involves throwing a railroad switch: if a train were approaching a junction set to direct the train onto a track where a group …

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Army hosts MOSES open-source virtual world

All, Thought you might be interested in an update on project MOSES from the Federal Consortium of Virtual Worlds The lab created the Military Open Simulator Enterprise Strategy (MOSES) last year to test the stability and reliability of open source virtual worlds. Previously, many of the agencies had been using the commercial Second Life platform, but Maxwell said he and …

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Decade of the Mind Conference in Singapore 18-20 October

Hello All, Passing along the following from Kenneth Kwok from DSO National Lab – very impressive group that gave an excellent talk here last winter.   Anyone else interested?? Dear Joseph, <…> Also could you kindly pass on this e-flyer to colleagues who might be interested.  Thanks!

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