Simulation and Training Laboratory

Helo SimulatorThe Simulation and Training lab is designed to provide students and faculty the opportunity to apply Virtual Environment technology to address DoD training shortfalls. Lab projects have run the gamut from creation of an augmented reality vehicle operator’s training system, application of game-based training to unprecedented evaluation of fielded systems.

The lab was designed to provide a ‘black box’ approach to simulation – where students and faculty could easily configure novel training system using existing or evolving displays, input devices and interaction modes.

Systems currently (or recently) in use in the Simulation and Training lab include:

  • Chromakey-Augmented Virtual Environment (ChrAVE)
  • A CAVE-based medium-fidelity flight simulation
  • Indoor Simulated Marksmanship Trainer (ISMT)
  • Helicopter Navigation Task Trainer (more info)
  • Forward Observer PC Simulation (FOPCSim)
  • ClearedHot! Game-based FAC/A training system
  • SURFTACS – A game-based ship handling training system

For more information, contact CDR Joe Sullivan

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