Student Research


Title:Analyzing Naval Strategy for Counter-Piracy Operations, using the Massive Multiplayer Online Wargame Leveraging the Internet (MMOWGLI) and Discreet Event Simulation (DES)“. Thesis Author: Chad Hutchins-LT Advisor: Donald Brutzman, Arnold Buss
Title:Developing Behavioral Metrics for Decision-Making in Marine Corps Small-Units“. Thesis Author: Jonathon Richardson-CPT Advisor: Susan Hutchins, Lee Sciarini
Title:Diffusion and Large-Scale Adoption of Computer Supported Training Simulations in the Military Domain“. Thesis Author: Floy Yates Jr.-MAJ Advisor: Amela Sadagic
Title:Effects of UAV Supervisory Control on F-18 Formation Flight Performance in a Simulator Environment“. Thesis Author: Eric McMullen-LCDR, Brian Shane Grass-MAJ Advisor: Ji Hyun Yang, Quinn Kennedy
Title:Enhancing Entity Level Knowledge Representation and Environmental Sensing in Combat XXI Using Unmanned Aircraft Systems“. Thesis Author: James Teters II-Major Advisor: Imre Balogh
Title:Flexible Space-Filling Designs for Complex System Simulations“. Dissertation Author: Alexander McCalman-LCOL Advisor: Eugene Paolo, Thomas Lucas, Clifford Whitcomb, Arnold Buss, Alejandro Hernandez
Title:Hybrid Architectural Framework for C4ISR and Discreet-Event Simulation (DES) to Support Sensor Driven Model Synthesis in Real-World Scenarios“. Dissertation Author: You-Quan Chen-LCDR Advisor: Don Brutzman, Phillip Pace, Thomas Lucas, Xiaoping Young, Arnold Buss, Deborah Goshern
Title:Integrating Unmanned Aerial Vehicles into Surveillance Systems into Complex Maritime Environments“. Thesis Author: Georgios Dimitriou-LCDR Advisor: Quinn Kennedy
Title:Learning and Prediction of Relational Time Series“. Dissertation Author: Kian-Moh Terence Tan Advisor: Dr. Christian Darken, Dr. Neil Rowe, Dr. Arnold Buss, Dr. Ralucca Gera, Mr. John Hiles
Title:Modeling Second Language Change using Skill Retention Theory“. Dissertation Author: Samuel Shearer-Lieutenant Colonel Advisor: Rudolph P. Darken
Title:The Effect of Mild Motion Sickness and Sopite Syndrome on Multitasking Cognitive Performace“. Dissertation Author: Panagiotis Matsangas Advisor: Dr. Mike McCauley, Dr. Nita Lewis Shattuck, Lawrence Shattuck, William Becker, Dr. Rudolph Darken
Title:Untrained Forward Observer (UFO) Translater for Call for Fire“. Thesis Author: Regan King-CPT Advisor: Dr. Gurminder Singh, John Gibson
Title:Virtual Environment Training on Mobile Devices“. Thesis Author: James Reynolds-MAJ, Craig Smith-MAJ Advisor: Joe Sullivan


Title:A Methodology to Assess UrbanSim Scenarios“. Thesis Author: Brian Vogt-MAJ Advisor: Joseph Sullivan
Title:A Naval Marksmanship Training Transfer Study: The Use of Indoor Simulated Marksmanship Trainers to Train for Live Fire“. Thesis Author: Timothy Jensen – Lieutenant, John Woodson – Lieutenant Advisor: Quinn Kennedy, Michael McCauley, William Becker
Title:Analysis of Cognitive Architecture in the Cultural Geography Model“. Thesis Author: Chin Chuan Ong-MAJ Advisor: Christian Darken
Title:Automation of P-3 Simulations to Improve Operator Workload“. Thesis Author: Justin Ross-LT Advisor: Chris Darken
Title:Expertise on Cognitive Workloads and Performance During Navigation and Target Detection“. Thesis Author: Christopher M. Neboshynsky – Lieutenant Advisor: Quinn Kennedy, Ji Hyun Yang, CDR Harrison Schramm
Title:Learning from Noisy and Delayed Rewards: The Value of Reinforcement Learning to Defense Modeling and Simulation“. Dissertation Author: Jonathan Alt-LCOL Advisor: Chris Darken, Mike McCauley, Michael Jaye, Arnold Buss, Jeffery Appleget
Title:Low Resolution Screening of Early Stage Acquisition Simulation Scenario Development Decisions“. Thesis Author: Shane Price-MAJ Advisor: Arnold Buss, Imre Balogh
Title:Modeling of Helicopter Pilot Misperception During Overland Navigation“. Thesis Author: Bradley T. Cowden – Lieutenant Advisor: Ji Hyun Yang, Quinn Kennedy, CDR Harrison Schramm
Title:Performance Assessment of Network Intrusion-Alert Prediction“. Thesis Author: Farn Wei Jason Khong Advisor: Chris Darken, Neil Rowe
Title:The Sea of Simulation: Improving Naval-Shiphandling Training and Readiness Through Game-Based Learning“. Thesis Author: Ethan A. Reber – Lieutenant, Benjamin J. Bernard – Lieutenant Advisor: Perry McDowell, CDR Joseph Sullivan
Title:Usability Testing and Workflow Analysis of the TRADOC Data Visualization Tool“. Thesis Author: Darren Cutler-LT, Tyler Rasmussen-LT Advisor: Ji Hyun Yang


Title: “A Comparison of Current Naval Marksmanship Training VS Simulation Based Marksmanship Training with the use of Indoor Simulated Marksmanship Trainer (ISMT)“. Thesis Author: Tommy Getty, Lieutenant Advisor: Quinn Kennedy, Anthony Ciavarelli
Title: “Ascertaining Validity in the Abstract Realm of Constructive Simulation Models: An Analysis of the MAGTF Tactical Warfare Simulation (MTWS)“. Thesis Author: Don Herod, Major Advisor: William Becker, Curtis Blais
Title:Balancing Exploration and Exploitation in Agent Learning“. Thesis Author: Ozkan Ozcan, 1st Lieutenant Advisor: Christian Darken, Jonathan Alt
Title:Comparison of Data Development Tools for Populating Cognitive Models in Social Simulation“. Thesis Author: Daniel McKaughan, Lieutenant Commander Advisor: Christian Darken
Title:Design and Track Analysis for a Game-Based Ship-Handling Simulator Using an Open Source Game Engine (Delta 3D)“. Thesis Author: Claudio C. de Moraes, Lieutenant Commander Advisor: Christian Darken, Anthony Ciavarelli
Title:Evaluation of Modern Navies’ Damage Control and Firefighting Training Using Simulator Platforms“. Thesis Author: Georgios Varelas, Lieutenant Commander Advisor: Michael McCauley, Anthony Ciavarelli
Title:Identifying the Method for Effective Combat Marksmanship Training Using Site Optics and Packaged Sensor Feedback“. Thesis Author: Gabriel Diaz, Captain Advisor: William Becker
Title:Improving Military Change Detection Skills in a Virtual Environment: The Effects of Time, Threat Levels, and Tutorials“. Thesis Author: Jason Caldwell - Major, Michael Stinchfield - Major Advisor: Michael McCauley, Anthony Ciavarelli, Quinn Kennedy
Title:On-Board and Parts-based Object Detection from Aerial Imagery“. Thesis Author: Robert Zaborowski, Lieutenant Advisor: Mathias Kölsch, Christian Darken
Title:Representing Trust in Cognitive Social Simulations“. Thesis Author: Shawnoah Pollock, Lieutenant Advisor: Christian Darken, Jonathan Alt
Title:The Effect of Time-Advance Mechanism in Modeling and Simulation“. Dissertation Author: Ahmed A. Alrowaei – Major Advisor: Arnold Buss
Title: “The Effects of Motion on Human Psychomotor Performance“. Thesis Author: John Weaver, Lieutenant Advisor: Michael McCauley


Title:A discourse in human systems integration“. Dissertation Author: Tvaryanas, Anthony P Advisor:
Title:A Study on Discrete-Event Simulation in a High-Level Architecture (HLA) Networked Simulation“. Thesis Author: Chee Tzuon Wong Advisor: Arnold Buss, Don McGregor
Title:A Training Transfer Study of Simulation Games“. Thesis Author: Ben Brown – Major Advisor: William Becker, Rudolph Darken
Title:Assessing neurophysiologic markers for training and simulation to develop expertise in complex cognitive tasks“. Dissertation Author: Sullivan, Joseph A Advisor: Rudolph P. Darken
Title:Defining a Simulation Capability Hierarchy for the Modeling of a Seabase Enabler (SBE)“. Thesis Author: Ryan M. Hernandez – Lieutenant Advisor: Eugene Paulo, Quinn Kennedy
Title:Efficient XML Interchange Compression and Performance Benefits: Development, Implementation, and Evaluation“. Thesis Author: Sheldon L. Snyder – Lieutenant Advisor: Don Brutzman, Don McGregor
Title:Fiducial Marker Detection and Pose Estimation From Lidar Range Data“. Thesis Author: Richard Morrison – Lieutenant Commander Advisor: Mathias Kölsch, Timothy H. Chung
Title:Modeling Human Visual Perception for Target Detection in Military Simulations“. Dissertation Author: Patrick W. Jungkunz, Kapitänleutnant German Navy Advisor:
Title:Modeling Reconnaissance Squadron Using Discrete-Event Simulation and Analyzing Several Measures of Effectiveness“. Thesis Author: Omer Arslan – 1st Lieutenant, Ernur Kemik – 1st Lieutenant Advisor: Arnold Buss, Susan Sanchez
Title:Panoramic Augumented Reality for Persistence of Ingormation on Counterinsurgency Environments (PARPICE)“. Thesis Author: Brett D. Lindberg – Major Advisor: Mathias Kölsch, Michael McCauley
Title:Reinforcement Learning: A New Approach for the Cultural Geography Model“. Thesis Author: Sotirios Papadopoulos – Lieutenant Colonel Advisor: Christian Darken, Jonathan Alt
Title:Stress Effects on Transfer from Virtual Environment Flight Training to Stressful Flight Environments“. Dissertation Author: Chris McClernon, Major, USAF Advisor:
Title:The Impact of User-Input Devices on Virtual Desktop Trainers“. Thesis Author: William R. Glaser – Lieutenant Colonel Advisor: William Becker, Quinn Kennedy
Title:The Littoral-Combat Ship Surface-Warfare Module: Determining the Surface-to-Surface Missle and Air-to-Surface Missle Mix“. Thesis Author: Kevin R. Jacobson – Lieutenant Advisor: Michael McCauley, Curtis Blais
Title:X3D-Earth: Full-Globe Coverage Utilizing Multiple Datasets“. Thesis Author: Dale R. Tourtelotte - Lieutenant Advisor: Don Brutzman, Don McGregor


Title:A Simulation Tool for the Duties of Computer Specialist Non-Commissioned Officers on a Turkish Air Force Base“. Thesis Author: Serhat Camur, Captain, Turkish Air Force Advisor: Arnold Buss, Susan Sanchez
Title:Airlift Operation Modeling Using Discrete Event Simulation“. Thesis Author: Yew Chong Foong Advisor: Arnold Buss, David Meyer
Title:An Evaluation of the Tactile Situation Awareness System as an Aid for Improving Aircraft Control During Periods of Impaired Vision“. Thesis Author: James S. Brown – Lieutenant Commander Advisor: William Becker, Michael McCauley
Title:Document-Based Message-Centric Security Using XML Authentication and Encryption for Coalition and Interagency Operations“. Thesis Author: Jeffrey Scott Williams Sr., Lieutenant Commander USN Advisor: Don Brutzman
Title:Frigate Defense Effectiveness in Asymmetrical Green Water Engagements“. Thesis Author: Heiko Abel, Kapit¨anleutnant, German Navy Advisor: Paul J. Sanchez, Jeffrey E. Kline
Title:Genetic Algorithms in the Battlespace Terrain Reasoning and Awareness-Battle Command (BTRA-BC) Battle Engine“. Thesis Author: Kenneth J. Maroon Lieutenant, USN Advisor: Curtis Blais, Jeff Appleget
Title:Improved Usability of Locomotion Devices Using Human-Centric Taxonomy“. Thesis Author: Alex T. Mabini–Lieutenant Commander Advisor: Rudolph Darken, CDR Joseph Sullivan
Title:Integrating Intelligence and Building Teams Within the Infantry Immersion Trainer“. Thesis Author: Craig R Schwetje, Major USMC Advisor: Amela Sadagic, CDR Joseph Sullivan
Title:Integration Distributed Interactive Simulations with the Project Darkstar Open-Source Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) Middleware“. Thesis Author: Tariq M. Rashid, Lieutenant Commander, USN Advisor: Don Brutzman, Don McGregor, Amela Sadagic
Title:Integration of Robotics and 3D Visualization to Modernize the Expeditionary Warfare Demonstrator (EWD)“. Thesis Author: Christian R. Fitzpatrick, Major USMC Advisor: Don Brutzman, Amela Sadagic
Title:Nearest Neighborhood Classification Using a Density Measurement Sensitive Distance Measurement“. Thesis Author: Joshua Burkholder, Lieutenant Commander, USN Advisor: Kevin Squire, Mathias Kölsch
Title:Realistic Reflections for Marine Environments in Augmented Reality Training Systems“. Thesis Author: Jason A. Nelson, Lieutenant USN Advisor: Mathias Kölsch, John Falby


Title:A Mission Assignment Model and Simulation Tool for Different Types of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles“. Thesis Author: Yücel Alver - Captain, Murat Ozdogan - 1st Lieutenant Advisor: Arnold Buss, Enver Yucesan
Title:Acquisition of a Static Human Target in Complex Terrain: A Study of Perceptual Learning Utilizing Virtual Environments“. Thesis Author: Robert L. Kammerzell - Major Advisor: Michael E. McCauley, Joseph A. Sullivan
Title:Clandestine Message Passing in Virtual Environments“. Thesis Author: Ryan A. Rippeon – Lieutenant Advisor: Gurminder Singh, CDR Joseph Sullivan
Title:Defining Stability, Security, Transition, and Reconstruction Operations Requirements for Future Department of the Navy Training and Analytical Models and Simulations“. Thesis Author: Jonathan V. Beris - Lieutenant Commander, Eric S. Whittington - Major Advisor: Curtis L. Blais, Arnold Buss, Christian Darken
Title:Development of a decision support tool to inform resource allocation for critical infrastructure protection in Homeland Security“. Dissertation Author: Al Mannai, Waleed I Advisor: Ted Lewis
Title:Improving Situational Awareness on Submarines Using Augmented Reality“. Thesis Author: Ronald V. Hatt - Lieutenant Advisor: Mathias Kölsch, CDR Joseph Sullivan
Title:Modeling Airport Ground Operations Using Discrete Event Simulation and Extensible 3D Visualization“. Thesis Author: Nabil Ouerghi – 1st Lieutenant Advisor: Don Brutzman, Arnold Buss
Title:Prototype Development of a Low-Cost, Augmented-Reality Trainer for Crew Weapons“. Thesis Author: Nathan Conger - Lieutenant Advisor: Mathias Kölsch, CDR Joseph Sullivan
Title:Simulation of Flight Operations and Pilot Duties in Low-Altitude Navigation and Targeting Infra-Red for Night (LANTIRN) Fighter Squadrons Using Simkit“. Thesis Author: Mustafa Azimetli - 1st Lieutenant Advisor: Arnold Buss, Susan Sanchez
Title:Single Operator Control of Multiple, Uninhabited Air Vehicles: A Situational Awareness Requirement“. Thesis Author: Derek M. Sebalj – Major Advisor: Michael E. McCauley, Anthony Ciavarelli
Title:Swarm and Small-Boat Defense: A Gap Study“. Thesis Author: Andre N. Tiwari – Lieutenant Advisor: Curtis Blais, Terry Norbraten
Title:The Development of a Long-Range, Gliding, Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Utilizing Java Sunspot Technology“. Thesis Author: Ronald J. Hemmelgarn - Lieutenant Advisor: Don Brutzman, Jeff Weekley
Title:The Identification of Human Factors Concerns in Joint Strike Fighter and Training Recommendations“. Thesis Author: Arif B. Bitik - Captain, Bulent Kulunt- 1st Lieutenant Advisor: CDR Joseph A. Sullivan, Michael McCauley, Anthony Ciavarelli
Title:The Impact Analysis of a Mixed Squadron, Containing a Littoral Combat Ship and Multi-Mission Surface Platforms, on Blue Force Casualties and Mission Effectiveness“. Thesis Author: Michael S. Milliken - Lieutenant Commander Advisor: Thomas W. Lucas, Edward J. Lesnowicz Jr.
Title:The Use of Concept Maps for the Diffusion of the Distributed Operations Concept and the Dissemination of Existing Virtual Training Simulations“. Thesis Author: Brian S. Boone - Lieutenant Advisor: Amela Sadagic, CDR Joseph Sullivan
Title:Using a Competitive Approach to Improve Military Simulation Artificial Intelligence Design“. Thesis Author: Sevdalin Hristov Stoykov – Major Advisor: Christian Darken, Curtis Blais
Title:Using Motion Capture to Determine Marksmanship Shooting Profiles: Teaching Soldiers to Shoot Better Faster“. Thesis Author: William “Bill” L. Platte – Major, Johnny J. Powers – Major Advisor: Anthony Ciavarelli, CDR Joseph Sullivan


Title: “A Modular Architecture for Airborne Command-And-Control Tactical Training Systems“. Thesis Author: John Alan Schiaffino, Lieutenant Commander Advisor: Michael E. McCauley, Joseph A. Sullivan
Title:Effectiveness Evaluation of Force Protection Training Using Computer-Based Instruction and X3D Simulation“. Thesis Author: Wilfredo Cruzbaez, Lieutenant Advisor: Don Brutzman, Anthony Ciavarelli
Title:Effects of Different Camera Motions on the Error in Estimates of Epipolar Geometry Between Two Dimensional Images in Order to Provide a Framework for Solutions to Vision Based Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM)“. Thesis Author: Michael Charles McVicker, Captain Advisor: Mathias Kölsch, Kevin Squire
Title:Extending DOD Modeling and Simulation with Web 2.0, Ajax and X3D“. Thesis Author: Michael A. Farias, Lieutenant Advisor: Don Brutzman, Don McGregor
Title:Fusion of Multiple Sensor Types in Computer Vision Systems“. Thesis Author: Donald Ray Mayo Jr. Captain Advisor: Mathias Kölsch, Kevin Squire
Title:Propagating A*: Searching State Graphs in Order To Find a Valid Instrument Approach Configuration“. Thesis Author: Trent Bottin, Captain Advisor: Chris Darken, Joseph A. Sullivan
Title:Training Methods and Tactical Decision-Making Simulations“. Thesis Author: C. Neil Fitzpatrick III, Captain & Umit Ayvaz, Captain Advisor: Amela Sadagic, Anthony Ciavarelli


Title:Modeling macro-cognitive influence on information sharing between members of a joint team“. Dissertation Author: Burnett, Steven F. Advisor: Rudolph Darken


Title:Event prediction for modeling mental simulation in naturalistic decision making“. Dissertation Author: Kunde, Dietmar Advisor: Chris Darken
Title:Generating enhanced natural environments and terrain for interactive combat simulations (GENETICS)“. Dissertation Author: Wells, William David Advisor: Rudolph Darken


Title:A Linear Physiological Visual-Vestibular Interaction Model For The Prediction Of Motion Sickness Incidence“. Thesis Author: Panagiotis G. Matsangas - Lieutenant Advisor: Michael McCauley, Nita Miller, Alan Washburn
Title:A Real-Time Rope Model Suitable For Game Engine Usage“. Thesis Author: Randy A. Garrido - Major Advisor: Michael J. Zyda, Joseph A. Sullivan
Title:Adaptive Management Of Emerging Battlefield Network“. Thesis Author: Dimitrios Fountoukidis - Lieutenant Commander Advisor: Alex Bordetsky, John Hiles
Title:Autonomous Agent-Based Simulation Of A Model Simulating The Human Air-Threat Assessment Process“. Thesis Author: Baris E. Ozkan - Lieutenant Junior Grade Advisor: John Hiles, Neil Rowe, Chris Darken
Title:Autonomous-Agent Based Simulation Of Anti-Submarine Warfare Operations With The Goal Of Protecting A High Value Unit“. Thesis Author: Fahrettin Akbori - Lieutenant Junior Grade Advisor: Christian Darken, Curtis Blais
Title:Designing A Common Interchange Format For Unit Data Using The Command And Control Information Exchange Data Model (C2IEDM) And XSLT“. Thesis Author: Glenn A. Hodges - Major Advisor: Curtis Blais, Don Brutzman
Title:Developing An After Action Review System For A 3D Interactive Training Simulation Using XML“. Thesis Author: Dimitrios E. Filiagos - Lieutenant Advisor: Rudolph Darken, Joseph Sullivan
Title:Distributed Team Collaboration in a Computer Mediated Task“. Thesis Author: Amy L. Halin - Lieutenant Commander Advisor: Rudolph P. Darken, Susan G. Hutchins
Title:Implementation Of A Human Avatar For The Marg Project In Networked Virtual Environments“. Thesis Author: Faruk Yildiz - Lieutenant Junior Grade Advisor: Xiaoping Yun, Don McGregor
Title:NPS AUV Workbench: Collaborative Environment For Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) Mission Planning And 3D Visualization“. Thesis Author: Chin Siong Lee Advisor: Donald P. Brutzman, Curtis L. Blais, John Hiles, Duane Davis
Title:Tactical Web Services: Using XML And Java Web Services To Conduct Real-Time Net-Centric Sonar Visualization“. Thesis Author: Scott A. Rosetti - Lieutenant Advisor: Don Brutzman, Duane Davis
Title:The Use Of Massive Multplayer Online Games To Evaluate C4I Systems“. Thesis Author: Kambra R. Juve - Lieutenant Advisor: William Kemple, Mike Zyda
Title:Validating Computational Human Behavior Models: Consistency and Accuracy Issues“. Dissertation Author: Simon R. Goerger - Major Advisor: Rudolph Darken
Title:Wargaming And Simulation As Tools For Conops Development“. Thesis Author: Russell A. Rhoads - Major, Scott D. Gilman - Captain Advisor: Saverio M. Manago, Thomas W. Lucas
Title:Wireless Communications Infrastructure For Collaboration In Common Space“. Thesis Author: Kivanc Metingu - Lieutenant Junior Grade Advisor: Curtis Blais, Jeffrey Weekley


Title:A Comparison Of Computational Cognitive Models: Agent-Based Systems Versus Rule-Based Architectures“. Thesis Author: Craig L. Oeltjen - Lieutenant Commander Advisor: Rudolph Darken, Barry Peterson
Title:A Hypermedia Representation Of A Taxonomy Of Usability Characteristics In Virtual Environments“. Thesis Author: Asim Tokgoz - Lieutenant Junior Grade Advisor: Rudolph P. Darken, Joseph A. Sullivan
Title:Adaptive Rules In Emergent Logistics (ARIEL) An Agent-Based Analysis Environment To Study Adaptive Route-Finding In Changing Road-Networks“. Thesis Author: Thomas Orichel - Captain Advisor: Eugene Paulo, John Hiles
Title:Agent-Based Simulation Of Robotic Systems“. Thesis Author: Manoleto Z. Williams - Lieutenant Advisor: Richard Harkins, John Hiles
Title:Algorithmic Approaches To Finding Cover In Three-Dimensional, Virtual Environments“. Thesis Author: David J. Morgan - Major Advisor: Christian J. Darken, Joseph A. Sullivan
Title:Alternative Audio Solution To Enhance Immersion In Deployable Synthetic Environments“. Thesis Author: Michael C. Mosbruger - Lieutenant Advisor: Russell D. Shilling, Rudolph P. Darken
Title:An Open Architecture For Defense Virtual Environment Training Systems“. Thesis Author: Stephen W. Matthews - Captain, Kenneth H. Miller - Lieutenant Advisor: Rudolph P. Darken, Joseph A. Sullivan
Title:Analyzing Anti-Terrorist Tactical Effectiveness Of Picket Boats For Force Protection Of Navy Ships Using X3d Graphics And Agent-Based Simulation“. Thesis Author: James W. Harney - Lieutenant Advisor: Donald P. Brutzman, Curtis L. Blais, Gordon Schacher, John Hiles
Title:Autonomous Agent-Based Simulation Of An Aegis Cruiser Combat Information Center Performing Battle Group Air-Defense Commander Operations“. Thesis Author: Sharif H. Calfee - Lieutenant Advisor: Neil C. Rowe, John Hiles
Title:Confronting Cyberterrorism With Cyber Deception“. Thesis Author: Kheng Lee Gregory Tan - Lieutenant-Colonel Advisor: Neil C. Rowe, Dorothy E. Denning
Title:Creating Digital Environments For Multi-Agent Simulation“. Thesis Author: Mark B. Tanner - Major Advisor: Wolfgang Baer, David W. Laflam
Title:Design And Test Of The Cross-Format Schema Protocol (XFSP) For Networked Virtual Environments“. Thesis Author: Ekrem Serin - Lieutenant Junior Grade Advisor: Don Brutzman, Joseph Sullivan, Curt Blais
Title:Interoperability, Data Control And Battlespace Visualization Using XML, XSLT And X3D“. Thesis Author: James D. Neushul - Captain Advisor: Don Brutzman, Curtis L. Blais
Title:Modeling Reduced Human Performance As A Complex Adaptive System“. Dissertation Author: Joerg C.G. Wellbrink - Major Advisor: Michael Zyda
Title:Multi-Agent Simulations (Mas) For Assessing Massive Sensor Coverage And Deployment“. Thesis Author: Sean E. Hynes - Captain Advisor: Neil C. Rowe, Curtis Blais, Don Brutzman
Title:Physically Based Modeling And Simulation Of A Ship In Open Water 3-D Virtual Environment“. Thesis Author: David Leonardo Lencastre Sicuro - Technologist Senior Advisor: Xiaoping Yun, Fotis Papoulias, Joseph Sullivan
Title:Realistic Evaluation Of Terrain By Intelligent Natural Agents (RETINA)“. Thesis Author: Rene’ G. Burgess - Lieutenant Colonel Advisor: Chris Darken, John Hiles
Title:Redefining Attack: Taking The Offensive Against Networks“. Thesis Author: Zachary H. Staples - Lieutenant, Robert J. Michael, II - Lieutenant Advisor: Dan Moran, John Hiles, Rudolph Darken
Title:Rendering Large-Scale Terrain Models In 3D And Positioning Objects In Relation To 3D Terrain“. Thesis Author: Brian E. Hittner - Captain Advisor: Don Brutzman, Curt Blais
Title:The Artillery Fire Direction Center Simulation“. Thesis Author: Ilias K. Svarnas - Major Advisor: Rudolph Darken, Joseph Sullivan
Title:The Extensible Run-Time Infrastructure (XRTI): An Experimental Implementation Of Proposed Improvements To The High Level Architecture“. Thesis Author: Andrzej Kapolka - Research Associate Advisor: Michael Zyda, Bret Michael
Title:Toward XML Representation Of NSS Simulation Scenario For Mission Scenario Exchange Capability“. Thesis Author: Gary K. Hout - Commander Advisor: Don Brutzman, Curtis Blais
Title:Visual Simulation Of Night Vision Goggle Imagery In A Chromakeyed, Augmented, Virtual Environment“. Thesis Author: Del L. Beilstein - Captain Advisor: Rudolph P. Darken, Joseph A. Sullivan
Title:Wireless Content Repurposing Architecture For DC Command And Control“. Thesis Author: Robert J. Suh - Lieutenant Advisor: Gurminder Singh, Perry McDowell
Title:“Follow The Leader” Tracking By Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) Using Acoustic Communications And Ranging“. Thesis Author: Daniel P. Kucik Advisor: Don Brutzman, Anthony Healey, Doug Horner


Title:A Computational Model And Multi-Agent Simulation For Information Assurance“. Dissertation Author: Michael A. VanPutte - Major Advisor: Cynthia Irvine
Title:A Rendering System Independent High Level Architecture Implementation For Networked Virtual Environments“. Thesis Author: Robert S. List - Major Advisor: Rudolph P. Darken, Joseph A. Sullivan
Title:Agent-Based Soldier Behavior In Dynamic 3d Virtual Environments“. Thesis Author: David N. Back - Lieutenant Advisor: Michael Capps, John Hiles
Title:An Agent-Based Architecture For Generating Interactive Stories“. Dissertation Author: Brian A. Osborn - Commander Advisor: Michael Zyda
Title:An Analysis Of Auditory Cues For Inclusion In A Virtual Close Quarters Combat Room Clearing Operation“. Thesis Author: Thomas W. Greenwald - Major Advisor: Russell D. Shilling, Rudolph P. Darken
Title:An Audio Architecture Integrating Sound And Live Voice For Virtual Environments“. Thesis Author: Eric M. Krebs - Commander Advisor: Russell D. Shilling, Rudolph P. Darken
Title:Analysis And Modeling Of The Virtual Human Interface For The Marg Body Tracking System Using Quaternions“. Thesis Author: Alper Sinav - Lieutenant Junior Grade Advisor: Michael Zyda, Beny Neta, Xiaoping Yun
Title:Effects Of Navigation Aids On Human Error In A Complex Navigation Task“. Thesis Author: Omer T. Arisut - Lieutenant Junior Grade Advisor: Rudolph Darken, Barry Peterson
Title:Enhancement Of Learning Process In Web-based Courses Using Combined Media Components“. Thesis Author: Georgios A. Desypris - Lieutenant Advisor: Rudolph Darken, Anthony Ciavarelli
Title:Enhancing The Situational Awareness Of Airfield Local Controllers“. Thesis Author: Samuel P. Mowery - Major Advisor: Russell D. Shilling, Gregory K. Mislick
Title:Modeling Robot Swarms Using Agent-Based Simulation“. Thesis Author: Alistair James Dickie - Captain Advisor: Gordon Bradley, John Hiles, Arnold Buss
Title:Networked Humanoid Animation Driven By Human Voice Using Extensible 3d (X3d), H-Anim And Java Speech Open Standards“. Thesis Author: Ozan Apaydın - Lieutenant Junior Grade Advisor: Don Brutzman, Xiaoping Yun
Title:Realistic Airspace Simulation Through The Use Of Visual And Aural Cues“. Thesis Author: Robert E. Thien - Major Advisor: Rudolph P. Darken, Joseph A. Sullivan
Title:Spectral Analysis And Sonification Of Simulation Data Generated In A Frequency Domain Experiment“. Thesis Author: Hsin-Fu Wu - Lieutenant Advisor: Susan M. Sanchez, Russell D. Shilling, Paul J. Sanchez
Title:Terrain Level Of Detail In First Person-Ground Perspective Simulations“. Thesis Author: Victor L. Spears III - Lieutenant Advisor: Michael Capps, Michael Zyda
Title:The Effect Of Sound Delivery Methods On A User’s Sense Of Presence In A Virtual Environment“. Thesis Author: Richard D. Sanders, Jr. - Major, Mark A. Scorgie - Lieutenant Advisor: Russell D. Shilling, Rudolph P. Darken
Title:The Effect Of Sound Spatialization On Responses To Overlapping Messages“. Thesis Author: James R. Campbell, III - Lieutenant Advisor: Russell D. Shilling, Robert R. Read
Title:The Forward Observer Personal Computer Simulator (FOPCSIM)“. Thesis Author: David A. Brannon - Lieutenant Colonel, Michael R. Villandre - Major Advisor: Rudolph Darken, Joseph Sullivan
Title:The Impact Of Emotional Arousal On Learning In Virtual Environments“. Thesis Author: Stephen O. Ulate - Lieutenant Advisor: Russell D. Shilling, Rudolph P. Darken
Title:The Impact On Quality Of Service When Using Security-Enabling Filters To Provide For The Security Of Run-Time Virtual Environments“. Thesis Author: Ernesto J. Salles - Lieutenant Commander Advisor: Bret Michael, Michael Capps, Don McGregor
Title:Virtual Close Quarter Battle (CQB) Graphical Decision Trainer“. Thesis Author: Jordan Reece - Captain Advisor: Rudolph Darken, Joseph Sullivan
Title:Visual Field Requirements For Precision Nap-Of-The-Earth Helicopter Flight“. Thesis Author: Loren E. Peitso - Lieutenant Commander Advisor: Rudolph Darken, Joseph Sullivan


Title:Analysis Of Rough Surface Lighting Behaviors With OpenGL“. Thesis Author: Christopher P. Slattery - Lieutenant Advisor: Wolfgang Baer, Samuel E. Buttrey
Title:Designing Realistic Human Behavior Into Multi-Agent Systems“. Thesis Author: Chad F. Hennings - Lieutenant Advisor: John Hiles, Rudolph Darken
Title:Developing Articulated Human Models From Laser Scan Data For Use As Avatars In Realtime Networked Virtual Environments“. Thesis Author: James Allen Dutton - Lieutenant Advisor: Eric R. Bachmann, Xiaoping Yun
Title:Dynamic Scalable Network Area Of Interest Management For Virtual Worlds“. Thesis Author: Michael S. Wathen - Lieutenant Advisor: Michael Capps, Don McGregor
Title:Emergent Leadership On Collaborative Tasks In Distributed Virtual Environments“. Thesis Author: Krist D. Norlander - Lieutenant Advisor: Rudolph P. Darken, Susan G. Hutchins
Title:Enhancing Network Communication In NPSNET-V Virtual Environments Using XML-Described Dynamic Behavior (DBP) Protocols“. Thesis Author: William D. Fischer - Major Advisor: Don McGregor, Don Brutzman
Title:Implementation Of A Multi-Agent Simulation For The Npsnet-V Virtual Environment Research Project“. Thesis Author: David B. Washington - Major Advisor: Michael Capps, Don McGregor
Title:Modeling Bluetooth Radio Technology Simulation Using Multi-Agent Based System And Genetic Algorithm Design Paradigm“. Thesis Author: Mustafa Dinc - Lieutenant Junior Grade Advisor: Michael Zyda, John Hiles
Title:Modeling Conventional Land Combat In A Multiagent System Using Generalization Of The Different Combat Entities And Combat Operations“. Thesis Author: Erik W. Jilson - Captain, Esref Mert - First Lieutenant Advisor: John Hiles, Rudolph Darken, Michael Van Putte
Title:Modeling Tactical Level Combat Using A Multi-Agent System Design Paradigm (GI Agent)“. Thesis Author: Joel S. Pawloski - Captain Advisor: Michael Zyda, John Hiles
Title:Multimedia Data Capture With Multicast Dissemination For Online Distance Learning“. Thesis Author: Michael C. Collins - Lieutenant Commander Advisor: Don Brutzman, Don McGregor
Title:Operational-Level Naval Planning Using Agentbased Simulation“. Thesis Author: Askin Ercetin - Lieutenant Junior Grade Advisor: Michael Zyda, John Hiles
Title:Scenario Authoring And Visualization For Advanced Graphical Environments (SAVAGE)“. Thesis Author: Shane D. Nicklaus - Major Advisor: Don Brutzman, Curtis Blais, Dan Boger
Title:The Effects Of Natural Locomotion On Maneuvering Task Performance In Virtual And Real Environments“. Thesis Author: Eray Unguder - First Lieutenant Advisor: Rudolph Darken, Barry Peterson


Title: “3D Visualization Of Theater-Level Radio Communications Using A Networked Virtual Environment“. Thesis Author: David W. Laflam - Captain Advisor: Don Brutzman, Michael Capps, Don McGregor
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