Modeling and simulation is the use of representations of the world either statically or over time for the purpose of analysis for decision makers, training for operators, or acquisition for future system development. When compared to conventional training, field experimentation, or physical prototype development, models and simulations can greatly decrease costs while increasing flexibility and capability in training and analysis.

Core Competencies

The following is a list of our core competencies. Our faculty’s expertise and projects all fall within these categories:

Laboratory Facilities

Benefits of working with the MOVES Institute

Doing business with MOVES

  • We are not motivated by profit so we can be objective and unbiased in all we do, focusing on the objectives of the customer, not of our bottom line.
  • We have a built-in cadre of subject matter experts – the Naval Postgraduate School student body – who can focus their undivided attention on solutions to your problem.
  • We are the Navy’s University and mix academic and commercial research programs with educational activities.
  • We have over ten years experience in modeling and simulation with a reputation for creativity, dependability, openness, and cooperation with our sponsors and partners.

Research Projects