Perceptual Learning for IED Detection

Enabling Visual Detection of IED Indicators through Perceptual Learning Assessment and Training

15 June – 30 September 2012


This project is to explore the development of proof of principal training packages based on perceptual learning to improve Soldier performance on the task of visually detecting IEDs. Use Perceptual Learning Trainer (PLT) software to test experts and novices on the detection of IEDs.  Experiment will leverage SeeingMachines faceLAB 5.0 non-intrusive eye tracking system, EyeTracking Eyeworks 3 Pro software provides the number, location, and duration of eye fixations.  Experts and novices will be scored using Signal Detection Theory (SDT) metrics for correct detections, false alarms, misses, and correct rejections.


Dr. Ji Hyun Yang

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