Joint Forward Observer Training Suite – Mobile

Project Abstract

The JFOTS-M project is designed to be a suite of software for portable training for Joint Forward Observers and Joint Terminal Attack Controllers. It was designed by two MOVES Master thesis students, Maj. James V. Reynolds and Maj. Craig L. Smith. The implementation was provided by the MOVES Visual Simulation and Game-based Technology group utilizing the Unity3D game engine.

The project is being well received and is currently implemented as a tech demo on both Android and iPad tablets.


Principal Investigator(s)
CDR Joseph A. Sullivan

Point of Contact
CDR Joseph A. Sullivan, PhD USN

The tablet renders a view into the virtual environment and presents the user with the tools familiar to all Forward Observers. The GPS, bearing compass, 2D map, and radio are all available for use.
The JFOTS-M compass view provides bearing information.
The orientation of the virtual world is controlled by physically rotating the tablet, providing an intuitive method to view the surrounding environment.
The JFOTS-M DAGR tool allows the user to read accurate GPS information.
Using the familiar touch-screen interface, the user can pan and zoom the chart map.
The chart map allows the user to denote locations and other mission graphics.
The user will be able to perform simulated radio calls to coordinate the call for fire.This feature is currently scripted as a proof of concept, but can be expanded to include technologies such as voice recognition and text-to-speech.
Targets can be destroyed when an accurate call for fire is performed.


See JFOTS-M in action

Future work includes:
  • Voice recognition
  • Additional real-world locations
  • Dynamic map mission graphics
  • Multi-player networking connectivity
  • Additional call-for-fire roles
  • After Action Review capability