Project Abstract

This project strives to improve our understanding of how effective current Coast Guard operations are in deterring undesirable behavior in their spheres of responsibility: safety, security and stewardship and how to use that knowledge to improve their deterrence effectiveness. The project pays particular interest to how CG operations that directly or indirectly influence the social and normative domains influence the emergence of socially productive behavior. And it examines how the more straight-forward instrumentally oriented operations, conducted with the explicit goal of 'punishing' undesirable behavior, can be best combined with these social and normative influences to maximize Coast Guard deterrent effectiveness. The project includes aspects that involve: 'big data' processing of social media; improved/simplified data gathering strategies; agent-based non-linear system dynamics modeling; a qualitatively focus on metrics and a firmer theoretical foundation for strategic and operational planning.

Coast Guard

Principal Investigator(s)
Rodrigo Gomez

Point of Contact
Steven Hall