Project Abstract

The overall project is focused on the development of the curriculum for the new 38-Gulf Civil Affairs Officer training. This part of the project is focused on the development of a model that will be used in the classroom to help students understand the complexities of nation-state building and to refine their skills in managing the effort. The model will be a multi-agent based representation of the complex interactions and dependencies that must be carefully balanced to bootstrap a failed state back into autonomous nation-state-hood. The model is fundamentally an attempt to take our substantial body of qualitative 'lessons learned' and convert them into quantitative models that can be executed within a geographically contextualized simulated environment. Stable nation states are characterized as requiring five interdependent sectors by established and integrated. The challenge is keep the process balanced in a context which is often turbulently unstable. The developed model is expected to serve as a framework within which future lesson-learned and theoretical advancements can be integrated.

US Army Special Operations

Principal Investigator(s)
Karen Guttieri

Point of Contact
Steven Hall