Back To Basics

Project Abstract

Back To Basics is a PC computer game built for the Surface Warfare Officer's School (SWOS) to train prospective Commanding Officers to perform counter-piracy naval missions.

ONR Tech Solutions

Principal Investigator(s)
Perry McDowell

Point of Contact
Perry McDowell

Back to Basics: Camera View
Back to Basics: Symbology area
Back to Basics Scenario Editor. Instructors can easily create custom scenarios.

Below is a quick tutorial on how to play Back to Basics:


The Scenario Editor enables instructors to easily create custom scenarios with just a few mouse clicks:

Summer 2012 Updates
The extensible system failure capability allows scenario editors the ability to fail critical systems at inopportune times. This forces the player to make tough decisions while in the middle of an operation.

The Back To Basics System Casualty System

The manually controlled, optically driven 30mm guns create realistic damage effects, allowing the player control of the escalation of force.

Destroyed ships now sink when appropriately damaged.

New characters and animations create a more realistic scenario environment.

Additional characters for AI crew.

  • Every play gets automatically recorded and can be reviewed later
  • Both single monitor and dual monitor modes are now supported
  • Ownship now can use flares, signal lights, and LRAD as communication devices
  • Semi-submersible and a go-fast boat are now included (for a total of 15 vessels available)