NMSO Projects FY-11

The following tasks were completed for FY-11:
A more complete description (pdf) is available here: MOVES-NMSOFY11Projectsfinal

Task 01.    MOVES Infrastructure and Course Development Initiatives.

Update (Research and Education Summit 14 July)

Task 02.    Combat Modeling Laboratory Stand-Up.

Final Report (also in pdf format)

Task 03.    Enhancing MTWS Interoperability Using the Coalition Battle Management Language.

Final Report (also in pdf format)

Task 04.    Discrete Event Simulation (DES) of Tactical Ship Behaviors Without Computer Programming.

Final Report – DES Without Programming

Task 05.    Immersive Naval Leadership Training Effectiveness Evaluation.

Thesis update (Due to operational scheduling constraints the focus of this effort was shifted to evaluation of ship handling training systems.)

Task 06.    Control in Dynamic Crowd Models.

Final Report.

Task 07.    Connecting NPS Field Experimentation and Simulations to TENA Test-Range Architecture.

Final Report – Integrating TENA

Task 08.    Training Simulation for Complex Cognitive Tasks: Development of Real-time Instructional Display Utilizing Psychophysiological Markers.

Final Status Report

Task 09.    Physiological Markers for Loss of Concentration During Heavy Load Transport.

Final Report Physiological Marks

Task 10.    Very Short Range Target Discrimination Model

Target Discrimination Final Report

Task 11.    Improved Terrain Generation From UAV Sensors

Terrain Generation Final Report

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