IPARTS Project

LSOs on the carrier deck.
The MOVES Institute has recently been awarded a grant by the Office of Naval Research’s TechSolutions to revamp and vastly improve upon the current “APARTS” database to assist Landing Signal Officers (LSO) and Navy pilots withlandings on aircraft carriers.

In the IPARTS project, we observed how Landing Signal Officers (LSOs) respond to issues on-board aircraft carriers and how they document pilot carrier qualifications. We developed a distributed database with custom user interfaces for handheld device that was  issued to the LSOs. In doing so we were able to improve the data entry workflow, to permit statistical analysis across pilots, aircraft, carriers, squadrons and training facilities, and to positively affect training effectiveness (for both LSOs and pilots), deck safety, training cost and incident analysis. A secondary goal for the IPARTS project was to implement a new automated video capture and recording mechanism to identify eachpilot’s pass with the documentation into the database.

Project Updates

Principal Investigators: Michael McCauley, Mathias Kölsch

Collaborators: Michael “Flanders” Ross, Neil Rowe, Arijit Das, the team atTechSolutions, the LSO School at NAS Oceana, and NAS Lemoore.

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