Healthcare Simulation

Congratulations to our September 2017 Graduates!

Our fifth cohort successfully completed the four-course certificate program. The 15 graduates represent diverse healthcare domains, organizations and geographic regions. These graduates are on their way to redefining M&S to improve healthcare for the Navy in concert with Sister Services and the Veterans Health Administration.


Increasingly, the healthcare community is turning to simulation to improve patient safety and to advance healthcare education.  This has in turn pushed boundaries and redefined the roles and capabilities of Modeling and Simulation as a tool for the delivery of healthcare and healthcare education.  Because simulation has enabled remarkable progress, the needs and opportunities for the M&S community to improve our healthcare systems continues to accelerate.  The aim of this program is to provide graduate education as a catalyst for professionalizing the healthcare simulation community. As the healthcare simulation community matures to integrate standards development and include certification requirements, simulation education programs must keep pace.  Education programs are needed to help form a cadre of informed consumers: healthcare professionals with graduate-level mastery of M&S technologies.  This cadre will have the operational background and M&S technical acumen to envision and guide the future development and application of simulation technologies that improve healthcare delivery and education.

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Procedure Skills Training~2

Procedure Skills Training

Current Opportunities

Training and simulation experts from the MOVES Institute at the Naval Postgraduate School in concert with healthcare education experts from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences have created and now offer a graduate-level four course certificate program specifically for healthcare simulation professionals. The program enables excellence in management of healthcare simulation systems and in envisioning and guiding next-generation healthcare simulation solutions.  Sample graduate capabilities include:

  • Apply statistical analysis to assess effectiveness of fielded or proposed training simulation systems;
  • Apply principles of learning sciences and performance assessment in healthcare simulation setting;
  • Evaluate emerging simulation technologies for novel training applications;
  • Advance management techniques of healthcare simulation facilities.
Virtual and Wide Area Environments

The program concept was developed from the ground up by busy healthcare professionals with busy healthcare professionals in mind.  The program involves four courses.  Courses are taught in an asynchronous distance learning format. The courses are taught over four consecutive quarters.  Course assignments are designed to leverage and enhance previous experience.  A capstone project is built throughout the four-course sequence. If you are a healthcare professional involved in the application or development of simulation, please contact us for information on program entry requirements.