Faculty Index

MOVES Faculty and Research Staff

Appleget, Jeff Senior Lecturer

Degree: PhD Operations Research Naval Postgraduate School Research: Irregular warfare and counterinsurgency, Wargaming analysis, combat modeling Email: jaappleg@nps.edu

Balogh, Imre, PhD. Director

Degree: PhD, Computer Science, New Mexico State University, 1993 Research: AI, Computational Social Science, agent-based simulation, combat modeling Email: ilbalogh@nps.edu

Blais, Curtis Faculty Associate - Research

Degree: MS in Mathematics, University of Notre Dame, 1973 Research: agent-based simulation, combat modeling, data modeling, interoperability, verification and validation, virtual environments Email: clblais@nps.edu

Brutzman, Don Associate Professor

Degree: PhD Naval Postgraduate School Research: AI, Networked Modeling and Simulation, Robotics, X3D Graphics, XML Email: brutzman@nps.navy.mil

Buss, Arnold Research Associate Professor

Degree: PhD Cornell 1987 Research: Agent based modeling, Object-Oriented design, Operations Management, Simulation, combat modeling Email: abuss@nps.edu

Chatelier, Paul Research Associate Professor

Degree: PhD Aviation Experimental Psychologist Research: human factors Email: prchatel@nps.edu

Chu, Peter Professor

Degree: PhD Geophysics University of Chicago 1985 Research: 3D Mine Impact Burial Prediction, Geospatial Information Systems and Services, Naval Ocean Analysis and Prediction, Satellite Oceanography Email: pcchu@nps.edu

Darken, Christian J. Associate Professor

Degree: Ph.D., Yale University, 1993 Research: AI, cognitive and perceptual modeling, human behavior simulation, machine learning Email: cjdarken@nps.edu

Darken, Rudolph P., Sc.D. Professor

Degree: ScD, George Washington University, 1995 Research: Acquisition, Learning Theory, System Development, Training Systems Email: darken@nps.edu

Davis, Duane Research Assistant Professor

Degree: PhD NPS 2006 Research: Email: dtdavi1@nps.edu

Frederickson, Paul Faculty Associate - Research

Degree: MS Meteorology University of Maryland 1989 Research: Air-Sea Flux Measurement and Parameterization, Atmospheric Effects on Electromagnetic and Electro-optical Propagation, Marine Atmospheric Boundary Layer Meteorology Email: pafreder@nps.edu

Gaver, Donald Professor

Degree: PhD Mathematics Princeton University Research: Data and Decision Analysis, Simulation, Stochastic Models Email: dgaver@nps.edu

Guerrero, Michael Faculty Associate - Research

Degree: M.S. in Interactive Technology from Southern Methodist University Research: AI, Education, Game Design, Mobile Computing, Realtime 3D Graphics, virtual environments Email: mjguerre@nps.edu

Guest, Peter Research Professor

Degree: PhD Meteorology Naval Postgraduate School Research: Atmospheric effects on electromagnetic and electro-opitcal propagation, Atmospheric measurements including from UAV platforms, Polar meteorology, Surface layer meteorology, Web-based education Email: pguest@nps.edu

Hall, Steven, PhD Research Professor

Degree: PhD in Cognitive Science, University of California, Irvine, 1983 Research: Computational Social Science Email: sbhall@nps.edu

Heine, Eric Faculty Associate - Research

Degree: B.S. in Computer Science, UCSC, 2004 Research: Education, Game Design, game-based systems, programming, user interface Email: erheine@nps.edu

LTC Hodges, Glenn Assistant Professor

Degree: PhD in Modeling, Virtual Environments, Simulation (MOVES) 2014, Naval Postgraduate School Research: Decision making, Human Abilities, Human Systems Integration, LVC System Effectiveness & Interoperability Email: gahodges1@nps.edu

Jacobs, Patricia Professor

Degree: PhD Applied Mathematics Northwestern University Research: Data Analysis, Probability Modeling, Statistical Science for DoD problems Email: pajacobs@nps.edu

Johnson, Erik Faculty Associate - Research

Degree: BS in Aviation Computer Science, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, 1995 Research: computer graphics, virtual environments Email: rejohnso@nps.edu

Kennedy, Meghan (Quinn) Senior Lecturer

Degree: PhD Stanford University Research: Individual factors (expertise-age-genetics) that influence performance and decision making Email: mqkenned@nps.edu

Kolsch, Mathias Associate Professor

Degree: Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara, 2004 Research: Augmented Reality and Computer Vision, Gesture Recognition, Human-computer interaction, computer vision Email: kolsch@nps.edu

Kress, Moshe Professor

Degree: PhD Operations Research University of Texas at Austin Research: Counter insurgency modeling, Sensor deployment and operations, UAV employment in IW situations Email: mkress@nps.edu

Lee, Ryan Faculty Associate - Research

Degree: Masters Interactive Technology, Southern Methodist University, 2010 Research: Computer Animation, Game-Based Technology, Web Development, computer graphics Email: rslee@nps.edu

Lucas, Thomas (Tom) Professor

Degree: PhD Statistics-UC Riverside Research: Bayesian Statistics, High Dimensional Design of Computational Experiments, Military Modeling and Analysis Email: twlucas@nps.edu

McCauley, Michael Research Professor

Degree: PhD Experimental Psychology, UCSB Research: Anthropometry, Human Performance, Simulation and Training Systems, human factors Email: memccaul@nps.edu

McDowell, Perry Faculty Associate - Research

Degree: MS in Computer Science, Naval Postgraduate School, 1995. Research: Game-Based Training, Human Performance, virtual environments Email: mcdowell@nps.edu

McGregor, Donald (Don) Faculty Associate - Research

Degree: Masters, Oregon State University Research: Email: mcgredo@nps.edu

Dr. Murphree, Tom Research Associate Professor

Degree: PhD in Atmospheric Science, University of California Davis, 1989 Research: Analysis and prediction of Earth’s climate (atmosphere-ocean-land), applications of environmental information in operational decision support, operational impacts of environmental conditions and of the forecasts of those conditions, science-technology-engineering-math (STEM) education Email: murphree@nps.edu

Murray, Kristy Research Associate Professor

Degree: PhD, Nova Southeastern University Research: Email: ksmurray@nps.edu

Norbraten, Terry Faculty Associate - Research

Degree: MS, MOVES Institute Naval Postgraduate School Research: 3D Visualization, Programming Languages, Software Development, Stand-alone and web based scenario generation, Training and analysis for fleet and field requirements Email: tdnorbra@nps.edu

Paulo, Eugene (Gene) Associate Professor

Degree: PhD Industrial Engineering University of Central Florida Research: Architecture, Design of experiments, Strategic and operational assessment, Systems simulation design and analysis, engineering Email: eppaulo@nps.edu

Rockower, Edward Research Professor

Degree: PhD Physics Brandeis University Research: Cloud Computing, Education & Mentoring, M&S, Measures of Effectiveness, Mobile App Development, Social Media Email: ebrockow@nps.edu

Rowe, Neil Professor

Degree: PhD in Computer Science, Stanford University Research: Analysis of Big Data, Cyberwarfare, Digital Forensics, Training Systems Email: ncrowe@nps.edu

Sadagic, Amela, Ph.D. Research Associate Professor

Degree: Ph.D. in Computer Science, University College London, UK, 1999 Research: computer graphics and virtual environments, coupling of emerging technologies with systems for training and learning, diffusion of innovation, game-based systems, human factors, multiuser collaborative environments, presence in VR Email: asadagic@nps.edu

Sanchez, Paul Senior Lecturer

Degree: PhD, Cornell University Research: Email: pjsanche@nps.edu

Sanchez, Susan Professor

Degree: PhD, Cornell University Research: Email: smsanche@nps.edu

Shattuck, Nita Associate Professor

Degree: PhD Behavioral Science University of Texas School of Public Health Research: Decision making, Human fatigue in operational settings, Individual and team performance, Situation awareness Email: nlshattu@nps.edu

Singh, Gurminder Professor

Degree: PhD Computer Science, University of Alberta Canada Research: Mobile Application Architecture, Mobile Device enabled sensor networks, Mobile devices Email: gsingh@nps.edu

Sullivan, Joseph, Ph.D. Other

Degree: PhD, Naval Postgraduate School, 2010 Research: computer graphics, training Email: sullivan@nps.edu

Yun, Xiaoping Professor

Degree: DSc Washington University 1987 Research: Control Systems, Human Body Motion Tracking, MEMS and Nano Sensors, Robotics, virtual environments Email: yun@nps.edu