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Congratulations – Mike Zyda, IEEE VGTC Virtual Reality Technical Achievement Award

Hearty Congratulations! MOVES founding director, Mike Zyda was recognized with the 2017 IEEE Visualization and Graphics Technical Committee’s Technical Achievement Award for his many exciting contributions to the field of virtual reality. Among other noteworthy contributions to this quickly-evolving field, the award recognizes Mike’s contribution to developing the Nation’s top gaming curriculum at USC. The attached VR2017-VGTCAward-tech[1] sums it up …

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MORS Wargaming Community of Practice Seminar: WED 11 January 2017 11:30-1:00 EST – Yuna Wong “Joint Irregular Warfare Analytic Baseline (JIWAB)”

There are four propositions on the roles of scenarios in defense analysis (Carl Builder, Towards a Calculus of Scenarios — attached here: N1855 Towards a Calculus of Scenarios Carl Builder): – At the heart of all military forecasts, plans, and threats are scenarios. – The worth of an analytic study is more likely to be found in its scenario than …

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HBR Review of VA Transformation

The author invited VA Secretary Bob McDonald to present his views on transformation of the VA over the last 2 1/2 years as part of the author’s Managing Service Organizations course. One of the 5 lessons McDonald reflected one, “Build a capacity for learning and continuous improvement,” makes specific mention of the importance of Lean Six Sigma and Human-Centered Design …

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AI and Healthcare – perspectives from down under

Perspectives from Australia’s National Science Agency – CSIRO Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organization – on the challenges, current state and projected future of big data and machine learning for improved healthcare. The author is Group Leader, Biomedical and Informatics at CSIRO. -joe

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USNI: Randy Forbes possible SECNAV ??

Sponsor of House Resolution 487: Recognizing M&S as a National Critical Technology Randy Forbes is the Favorite for Trump’s Secretary of the Navy THE PENTAGON — An advocate for a 350-ship Navy and $20-billion annual shipbuilding budgets and a vocal opponent of Chinese aggression in the Western Pacific will likely be the pick for the next Secretary of the Navy …

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“Seeking next-generation educational simulations that strengthen career and technical skills”

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Military Operations Research Society (MORS) Modeling and Simulation Community of Practice

The MORS M&S CoP has been established to serve as a collaboration of M&S professionals to discuss issues of importance to the community. The group seeks to hold frequent technical interchange meetings (generally, through webinars) — the next one will be conducted sometime in January 2017 (details to be posted when available). You can find information from prior meetings and …

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Unexpected AR Game

Schell Games, run by Jesse Schell of Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center, has created an AR version of standing up dominos in a row and then knocking them over the first to watch the others fall, Domino World. It looks like a pretty cool game, especially for children, but I’m posting about it because it really demonstrates how much this new technology …

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Version 1 of launches Nov 3 at the Code for America Summit. Register to attend live streaming event- is part of a federal open source initiative to make the $6B worth of software purchased every year by the USG available all across the government. The API at will be a catalog of USG code, where and …

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Universal Healthcare

Since healthcare is an important recruiting, retention and readiness issue, you may appreciate this article. It provides useful background on US costs/quality as well as policy issues that contribute to why the US, unlike most other developed nations, does not have universal healthcare. -Joe

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