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Wargaming Community of Practice: “”Scenarios as Narratives”, 28 Feb 2017, 0830-1000 Pacific

The process for creating scenarios for defense analysis has been characterized in the following way: ‘Scenario Development is the artistic and quasi-scientific process of producing succinct and persuasive stories about trends in an unreal state of future conflict to enable analysis’ — Alec Barker from “Fight the Scenario”, CASL Lectures on Strategic Gaming The Feb 28 brown bag webinar is …

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Presentation materials for Feb 15 Wargaming Community of Practice Meeting

Materials are here: (U) Overview of DoD Analytic Agenda – Feb 2017. Join us for our continuing discussion of scenarios WEDNESDAY 15 February 1130-1300 Eastern at the next MORS Wargame CoP Brown Bag lecture. Our speaker is Chuck Burdick who has used defense scenarios in many analytical efforts. This presentation was originally given to the MORS M&S CoP as a …

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MORS Wargame Community of Practice (CoP) Brown Bag WEDNESDAY 15 February 2017 11:30-1:00 EST – Chuck Burdick “Defense Analysis Scenarios”

In our previous lectures, we examined the steps in creating and executing professional games. We explored the use of professional games in other disciplines with a view towards identifying best practices for application to the defense domain. We examined the theory of wargames and how to apply them to analyze difficult defense problems. We also feature lectures addressing other professional …

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MORS Wargaming Community of Practice Seminar: WED 11 January 2017 11:30-1:00 EST – Yuna Wong “Joint Irregular Warfare Analytic Baseline (JIWAB)”

There are four propositions on the roles of scenarios in defense analysis (Carl Builder, Towards a Calculus of Scenarios — attached here: N1855 Towards a Calculus of Scenarios Carl Builder): – At the heart of all military forecasts, plans, and threats are scenarios. – The worth of an analytic study is more likely to be found in its scenario than …

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Reminder: MORS Wargaming CoP seminar Wed Dec 14, 0830 Eastern

Just a reminder that our next speaker is Dr. Robert Seater who will discuss “Combining Rapid-Play Games with Game Theory for the Evaluation of Future Technologies”. Lincoln Laboratory has been investigating the use of games for evaluating novel technology concepts and capabilities. Dr. Seater will describe the concept of a rapid-play serious game, and how that style of game meshes …

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MORS Wargaming Community of Practice Seminar Series: 14 Dec 2016 1130-1300 EST

This lecture will feature Robert Seater from MIT Lincoln Labs on the integrated use of games and game theory for the evaluation of new technologies. Slides will be provided prior to the lecture. The brown bag will be held at the Mark Center in Alexandria VA. For those who wish to attend in person, please contact Michael Ottenberg, OSD CAPE …

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MetaVR News Issue 48, 28 November 2016

See MetaVR Newsletter, 28 November 2016. In this issue: – MetaVR Announces VRSG 6.2 With 3D Ocean Simulation – MetaVR Visuals in Reaper RPA Simulators for AFSOC and AFRL – MetaVR and Business Partners at I/ITSEC – Best Programs Category Awarded to MetaVR

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Military Operations Research Society (MORS) Modeling and Simulation Community of Practice

The MORS M&S CoP has been established to serve as a collaboration of M&S professionals to discuss issues of importance to the community. The group seeks to hold frequent technical interchange meetings (generally, through webinars) — the next one will be conducted sometime in January 2017 (details to be posted when available). You can find information from prior meetings and …

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Version 1 of launches Nov 3 at the Code for America Summit. Register to attend live streaming event- is part of a federal open source initiative to make the $6B worth of software purchased every year by the USG available all across the government. The API at will be a catalog of USG code, where and …

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MORS Wargaming Seminar Nov 2 0830-1000 Eastern: “Modular Wargaming”

Welcome to the continuing series of MORS Wargame CoP Brown Bag Lunch lectures! This presentation will feature Dominick’ Wright from OSD AT&L Operational Energy. He will discuss several initiatives that his office is sponsoring in these areas. Conference Dial-In Number: (605) 562-3140 Participant Access Code: 388975# Slides will be provided prior to the lecture. Last year, Deputy Secretary of Defense …

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