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Open Sourcing your Project’s code Many of us here at MOVES, and NPS more broadly, develop software that we would like to release as Open Source Software. In general, we’ve been doing this in a haphazard way that doesn’t always consider everything that should be considered. At long last there is a developing community of practice surrounding this matter, and it has official support …

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DigitalGov announcements (Virtual Reality)

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“Seeking next-generation educational simulations that strengthen career and technical skills”

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Version 1 of launches Nov 3 at the Code for America Summit. Register to attend live streaming event- is part of a federal open source initiative to make the $6B worth of software purchased every year by the USG available all across the government. The API at will be a catalog of USG code, where and …

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Another opportunity

Another opportunity. Can you develop the best Multi-View Stereo (MVS) 3D mapping algorithm for commercial satellite imagery?

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Call for Papers: Autonomous Cognitive Robotics and Systems

Special Issue of IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Draft Submission Deadline: 2017-05-31 Final Submission Deadline: 2018-03-01

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Agent Modeling/AI Framework Academic License Available

All, MOVES has been granted an academic license for the commercial agent modeling system “Jack”. Jack is a “Belief / Desire / Intent” reasoning system that’s being used in a number of fields, both as the reasoning engine for things like autonomous vehicles, and in agent based simulations for analysis and gaming. AOS / Jack Website The license covers any …

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Local Conference on Ubiquitous Computing

This San Francisco conference looks interesting to anyone thinking about ubiquitous computing, the internet of things and the future programable, networked battle-space. Since first reading Neil Gershenfeld “When Things Start to Think” almost ten years ago I’ve wondered if we, the military, are adequately preparing for an operating environment where everything in it has an Application Programming Interface (API). O’Reilly SOLID Conference …

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Dot-Gov URL Shortening service

If you’ve ever wanted to use something like bitly or googl or trim , but had concerns about using it for official business, this might be useful for you.  They even have JSON, JSONP, XML and simple text web service APIs so you can incorporate it into your applications. You have to use your (or some other .mil …

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Complexity Explorer website launched

The Santa Fe Institute and Portland State University have launched their online  educational initiative on Complexity called Complexity Explorer. It is a web site that is the host of the Santa Fe Institute’s Massive Open Online Courses.  The site will also host an online simulation laboratory using NetLogo models to provide online interactive complexity experiments. Their course, Introduction to Complexity, taught …

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