Startup working on the Matrix

Well according to WIRED, that is….

Inside Improbable, the $1billion UK startup building the Matrix | WIRED UK

At Google’s Cloud Next conference in March 2017, Narula unveiled an even bigger project: a working mock-up of the city of Cambridge, with 130,000 virtual inhabitants. It included simulations of the traffic and public-transport networks, utilities, power lines and mobile-phone and internet systems. Narula claims the Cambridge simulation is “the largest of its kind ever created”.

“They solved a really difficult technical problem,” says Nan Boden, head of global partnerships at Google Cloud. “The first time I saw it, I said, ‘Wow, that’s some really nice computer science work there.’”

From an earlier article it looks like the guts are SpatialIOS a framework to, amoung other things, compose large scale simulations from multiple other simulations.

Spatial OS will allow developers to combine existing simulation models. An SDK is available now; the platform will also integrate with real-time data, as well as popular game engines such as Unity. “There are people with models of traffic, models of pedestrians, models of pollution, models of viral spread, who have limited views on one area, but have no means to create true worlds that explore the answers to these questions,” says Narula. “We’ll give you a world in a bottle that you can use to ask questions of the real world.”

Some of the descriptions sound familiar.



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  1. Brian VogtBrian Vogt07-26-2017

    This is really cool work. YouTube has several presentations by Improbable – well worth the time. I believe this is a great case where industry is leveraging new and powerful technology that is better than our military simulations.

    Is the military too strongly wedded to current simulations and architectures? When is a good time for the military to begin using new simulation capabilities and architectures?

    Our current Army simulations were developed based in AirLand Battle – Fight outnumbered and win. And our sims supported that concept.

    Now we are to Win in a Complex World. I think it is time to develop new simulations for this new paradigm. Spatial OS may or may not be the answer, but it is worth checking out.

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