MORS Wargaming Community of Practice Webinar: Wed 19 April 0830-1000 Pacific

Dr. Ruthanna Gordon, a contractor in support of the Intelligence Advanced Project Agency, will be the speaker. A panel of wargame experts will comment upon the presentation after which the discussion will be open to all participants. This lecture will feature a discussion on the evaluation of analysis in wargames, in particular, metrics and rubrics for reasoning quality. Wargames, like real-life analysis, involves weighing complex and ambiguous information from multiple sources. Evaluation techniques must be commensurate with this complexity and not depend upon extremely subjective or simplified “logic problem” scenarios. This issue will be examined using the ‘CREATE’ approach.

SLIDES ARE AVAILABLE HERE: CREATE evaluation challenges – MORS 4 19 17
Conference Dial-In Number: (712) 770-4160
Participant Access Code: 388975#

In person: Center for Naval Analysis, Arlington VA. For those who wish to attend in person, please contact Michael Ottenberg, OSD CAPE SAC at for additional information.

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