MORS Wargaming Community of Practice Webinar Thurs Mar 30 at 0830 Pacific

The MORS Wargame CoP has assisted in all of the past MORS special workshops on wargaming. The MORS Board of Directors and the MORS Sponsors have just approved a Wargame III Workshop scheduled for October 2017. This workshop will build upon the previous special workshops.

The March 30 lecture will feature Phil Pournelle (NPS graduate, MOVES thesis), one of the chairs of the forthcoming workshop. Phil Pournelle has chaired previous workshops and is active in the wargame community. He will speak to the structure and content of the workshop. A revised copy of the Wargame II Workshop Final Report can be found here: MORS Wargaming II Workshop Report’ Final’ 2016.

Slides will be provided prior to the lecture.

The brown bag will be held at the Mark Center in Alexandria VA. For those who wish to attend in person, please contact Michael Ottenberg, OSD CAPE SAC at for additional information.

For those of you unable to attend in person, we will use a telecom facility. Please use the following telephone number and ID number to participate in the Telecom session:

Conference Dial-In Number: (712) 770-4160
Participant Access Code: 388975#

Questions? Suggestions for additional presentations? Contact Michael Ottenberg, OSD CAPE SAC at

Our website is:

Join us for these upcoming MORS Wargame CoP Brown Bag Lectures and meetings:

– 2017

MORSS 85 June 2017

Dr. Ruthanna Gordon, IARPA 19 April 2017 Evaluating Analysis in Wargames

CONNECTIONS 2017 1-4 August 2017

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