Wargaming Community of Interest: 28 Feb 2017 Webinar slides

‘Scenario Development is the artistic and quasi-scientific process of producing succinct and persuasive stories about trends in an unreal state of future conflict to enable analysis’ — Alec Barker from “Fight the Scenario”, CASL Lectures on Strategic Gaming.

Join us for our continuing discussion of scenarios tomorrow TUESAY 28 February 0830-1000 Pacific at the next MORS Wargame CoP Brown Bag lecture. Our speaker is Larry Bond who has routinely developed scenarios for novels and wargames. He will discuss scenario development using the game ‘Persian Incursion’ as an example.

Slides are available here: Creating Persian Incursion Feb 17

Conference Dial-In Number: (712) 770-4160
Participant Access Code: 388975#


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