Reminder: MORS Wargaming CoP seminar Wed Dec 14, 0830 Eastern

Just a reminder that our next speaker is Dr. Robert Seater who will discuss “Combining Rapid-Play Games with Game Theory for the Evaluation of Future Technologies”.

Lincoln Laboratory has been investigating the use of games for evaluating novel technology concepts and capabilities. Dr. Seater will describe the concept of a rapid-play serious game, and how that style of game meshes well with evaluation of the value and role of emerging technology. He will introduce a technique for combining wargaming, experimental design, and economic game theory for the purpose of exploring, evaluating, and focusing research of future technology concepts. This technique gives the player flexibility and control over the selection of capabilities and qualities of those capabilities in a resource limited environment. By observing not just player performance but also player preference and valuations of future capabilities, Dr. Seater gains insights into what technologies are synergistic, how they might alter tactics and doctrine, and their likely value to the warfighter. Dr. Seater will report on the theory, software architecture, and experimental results of this approach, as well as how it integrates with other types of wargames and analyses.

Robert Seater is a researcher at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, where he works on serious games, requirements analysis, and software engineering. He has applied serious games to a range of topics in DoD and DHS, including integrating UAVs into infantry squads, large scale emergency response, chem-bio defense, and naval missile defense. He received a BS from Haverford College in mathematics and computer science in 2002 and a PhD from MIT in computer science and requirements engineering in 2009.

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