GAO Report of Virtual Training

The author finds the report to be contradictory. The Army is calling for more virtual trainers, but there is not sufficient front-end planning, evaluation, etc.  I certainly understand the need for improved TEE, better planning, improved integration,  That said (without having read the GAO report) it seems the author has may be overlooking the fact that – despite flaws and shortcomings – virtual traning solutions are often the best alternative available.

Virtual simulation – GAO’s blurry vision – News – Shephard

On one hand the GAO report promotes the use of virtual trainers, whilst on the other, it highlights that the army is not conducting sufficient front-end planning as to the use of such devices; not having a method of evaluating the effectiveness of its training systems; not properly integrating virtual trainers into its overall training strategies; and finally, says that the army needs to update its policies on the use of such systems.


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