MORS Wargame Community of Practice — telcon 8 September 2016: Thomas Culora “Wargaming at the Naval War College and the Navy VCoP”

This lecture discusses the use of professional games at the Naval War College and the establishment of the US Navy VCoP dedicated to the promulgation of best practices within the US Navy wargame community. Thomas Culora, Dean of the Center for Naval Warfare Studies, will discuss wargaming at the Naval War College. In addition, the MORS Wargame CoP is invited to exchange ideas with Dean Culora on how to best organize and execute the US Navy Wargame VCoP.

Slides will be provided prior to the lecture.

The brown bag will be held at the Mark Center in Alexandria VA. For those who wish to attend in person, please contact Michael Ottenberg, OSD CAPE SAC at for additional information.

For those of you unable to attend in person, we will use a telecom facility. Please use the following telephone number and ID number to participate in the Telecom session:

Conference Dial-In Number: (605) 562-3140
Participant Access Code: 388975#

The MORS Wargame CoP holds a periodic Brown Bag Lunch where a variety of topics are discussed. MORS Wargame CoP members include military personnel, civilians, contractors, academicians, and others that use professional games as a tool for analysis, education, and training.

The MORS Wargame CoP focuses on:

– Best practices for the definition, design, execution, and analysis of wargames.
– Methods from other disciplines that may be of use DoD-oriented wargames.
– Other topics of interest to the group at large … theoretical, practical, policy, legal, historical, as well as wargame results from many national security domains.

In our previous lectures, we examined the steps in creating and executing professional games. We explored the use of professional games in other disciplines with a view towards identifying best practices for application to the defense domain. We also feature lectures addressing other professional game topics. We also examine the use of games in the classroom.

Last year, Deputy Secretary of Defense Work called for a reinvigoration of wargaming within the DoD to develop innovative defense approaches. Reinvigoration of wargaming requires the use of wargames in analysis and in professional military education at all echelons. As a result, many organizations are augmenting or creating capabilities to conduct wargaming for analytic, training, and educational purposes. As a part of this effort, the Secretary of the Navy issued guidance on wargaming within the Department of the Navy.

Questions? Suggestions for additional presentations? Contact Michael Ottenberg, OSD CAPE SAC at

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