DoD Unified Research and Engineering Database (URED) Call For Data

Possibly of interest for publicizing research and establishing subject matter expert status in the DoD.  I typed in a few typical MOVES related search terms and found lots of other universities and companies listed as centers of research. “Naval Postgraduate School” did show up on a search but only a few of Joe Sullivan’s ONR projects reference “MOVES Institute”.  Check it out:

This year’s Unified Research and Engineering Database (URED) data call will run 1-31 August. Information about this data call and how to participate is located at []


URED captures DoD funded research in progress updates covering work done in BA 6.1 through 6.4. URED currently contains over 35,000 individual records and is a powerful asset for researchers and decision makers in the Department.


How is URED being used? Reliance 21 Community of Interest, COCOM S&T Advisors, and lab researchers use URED to identify current and recent work efforts, help determine gaps, and recognize subject matter experts. URED is used to link PEO’s with researchers, and recognize the good work being done in our Labs, research grants, and by the Defense Industry working on S&T contracts.


Next year URED will begin supporting DoD’s implementation of the Administrations Public Access to Peer Reviewed Journal Articles and Digital Data.


Searching for information in the URED database:


1. Advanced Search []
— Enables the user to access URED information in traditional citation format, displaying all URED data call fields in static linear view.


2. Research Projects Search []
— Enables the user to access URED information in an abbreviated format to quickly reference project information and details.

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