ONR makes a serious game of missile defense, electronic warfare

by Kevin McCaney, Defense Systems, Feb 4, 2015
“A Navy ship being under missile fire is no game, but making a game of that scenario can help sailors prepare for it. That’s the idea behind Strike Group Defender: The Missile Matrix, a multiplayer game that combines analytics, crowdsourcing, social media and cloud technology to create a realistic picture of an attack and lets users explore the options for response, whether through a “soft kill” by using the electromagnetic spectrum or a “hard kill” with traditional weapons. …” For the full article, see http://defensesystems.com/articles/2015/02/04/onr-strike-group-defender-missile-matrix-game.aspx?s=ds_090215

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  1. mcdowellmcdowell02-09-2015

    We’re doing an assessment of this game for ONR PMR-51.

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