New Terrain Tool for Unity

From their press release:

Calytrix Technologies and TerraSim, Inc. have released a new terrain for the Unity game engine as an addition to its set of free, correlated terrain databases for distributed simulations. This new TerraTools optional plug-in lets customers directly import complex geospatial databases into the Unity runtime and enables support for coordinate system information and large area environments within the Unity game engine.

Calytrix is using these new features to provide streamlined Unity support in its Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) Game product for Unity, a software developer’s kit (SDK) that enables Unity-based applications to participate in distributed environments based on Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) or High Level Architecture (HLA) networking.

To demonstrate the level of correlation and fidelity, TerraSim and Calytrix are offering the Unity export for “Sample Desert Village” as one of a set of 14 correlated runtime formats available by request on Calytrix’s website. Using LVC Game for Unity with “Sample Desert Village”, Unity developers can build and test applications that integrate into distributed Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) environments.

The “Sample Desert Village” set of terrain databases were generated by TerraTools® from geospatial source data, including orthophoto imagery, digital elevation data, attributed vector data, and 3D models. TerraTools creates a common terrain representation and exports the correlated result to each runtime format in the set. The terrain databases are ready for testing in LVC distributed simulations, such as those linked together by Calytrix’s LVC Game interconnectivity software.

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