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Passing this along from COL Hicks (Center for Asymetric Warfare).  Brief notes here: nps-101

BLUF: Thesis opportunities abound in combat modeling for SSTR and IW

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Curt/Joe – you are most welcome and I am grateful for the opportunity to
work the M&S issue but also to re-engage various folks on the thesis
research and collaboration project that brought me there in early May.

On that latter topic, several folks approached me and inquired about
possible collaboration for research projects and I told them I would
send back a copy of the slides related to that visit (attached here).
The ones for whom I have email addresses for are on the cc line. COL
Andy Hernandez and LTC Jerry Shaw are probably the primary POCs on staff
there trying to kick that ball down the road. Anyone expressing an
interest in working with us on that should contact me directly.

Am happy to assist further M&S inquiries from your end to the right POCs
in Headquarters, Department of the Army … most likely the Modeling &
Simulation Directorate that I mentioned, led by Mr. James Cooke.

Dr. Brutzman — I understand you are the faculty advisor for a fellow
(Stephen something I think?) whose business card I cannot now locate but
who also expressed an interest in working with us (NSA PhD Fellow) …
would you please ensure these slides get passed to him? Thanks.

Am on leave the rest of this week and back in the office Monday morning.

Clay E. Hicks
COL, FA 59
Chief, Plans Division
HQDA, G-33, Army Asymmetric Warfare Office, DAMO-ODA-P
Taylor Bldg (NC-3), Room 5138
2530 Crystal Drive, Arlington, VA 22202-3940
Voice (703) 602-1712, DSN 332
FAX (703) 602-6220, DSN 332

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From: Blais, Curtis (Curt) (CIV) []
Sent: Sunday, July 20, 2008 7:12 PM
To: Hicks, Clay E COL HQDA DCS G-3/5/7
Cc: Sullivan, Joseph (CDR)
Subject: Thank You!

Just wanted to thank you for participating in the panel session this
week. Your contribution to the discussion was excellent, and I
particularly appreciate your invitation to faculty and students to
submit research ideas to your office for consideration. The invitation
is open the other way as well – after seeing and hearing about some of
the things happening at NPS, if topics arise that you think could be
addressed here, feel free to contact me. I can pass on the word to folks
across OR, MOVES, Systems Engineering, Information Systems, Defense
Analysis, and other disciplines as appropriate to the topic.

Again, thank you and I hope we have opportunity to interact again in the
near future.


Curtis Blais
MOVES Institute
Naval Postgraduate School
Monterey CA
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