Seminar on Systems Design and Implementation (SDI)

Spring Quarter 2001

Wednesdays, 1pm-2:30pm, Digital Classroom (Trailer 932) and CS Conference Room (Engineering I, room 2114).
Enrollment code: 54213, 2 Units, S/U.

All NEW this quarter: The seminar will be distributed via the Digital Classroom and interactive with the aid of audience feedback and iPAQs for everybody!
(For more information on the organization and multimedia background, please go to the feedback server.)


Date Speaker(s) Topic Online Links
4/4 Matz & Kevin Organizational Meeting n/a Feedback Server
4/11 Robert Chalmers "Modeling the Branching Characteristics and Efficiency Gains in Global Multicast Trees" home more,
4/18 Sunita Verma and Madhavan Kasthurirangan "An Architecture for Content Routing Support in the Internet" home more,
4/25 Vivek Prasad and Vishal Mittal "Person-level Routing in the Mobile People Architecture" home more, paper
5/2 Long Jiao and Xiaoqing Yang "Multicast Routing with Bandwidth Guarantees" home more, paper
5/9 Vladimir Veytser IP, UDP and TCP Performance over Wireless Networks home more, paper1, paper2
5/16 Yuan Sun "Scalable, Distributed Data Structures for Internet Service Construction" home more, paper: ps.gz pdf
5/23 Josep Blanquer Major Area Exam
5/30 Zoran Dimitrijevic Scalable Storage (expand your closet space!), see "Idleness is not sloth" home more, paper: ps, ps.Z, pdf,
6/6 Raju Rangaswami Multimedia Filesystems n/a more, papers: 1, 2, 3

Relevant Conferences

Paper and Topic suggestions

Please do not feel limited to this list. You can also make a suggestion of what you would like to present, like some research of yours or what you did for your internship etc.


Traditional OS, Java OS

Web and Networking


Hardware Performance

Mathias Kölsch