Seminar on Systems Design and Implementation (SDI)

Spring Quarter 2002

Tuesdays, 1pm-2pm, CS Conference Room (Engineering I, room 2114).
Enrollment code: 72173, S/U. Add codes are available from Sandy.


Date Speaker(s) Topic Links
4/9 Organizational meeting
4/16 Kevin Almeroth Reading and writing papers
4/23 Zoran Dimitrijevic Track-aligned Extents: Matching Access Patterns to Disk Drive Characteristics paper.pdf
4/30 Ying Yan, Hongwei Chen Detecting SYN flooding attacks paper.pdf
5/7 Pan Guo, Jie Song Distributed File Systems choice of paper1.pdf or paper2.pdf or paper3
5/14 Kimaya Sanzgiri A Secure Routing Protocol for Ad Hoc Networks, AODV background
5/21 Kai Shen Integrated Resource Management for Cluster-based Internet Services
5/28 Raju Rangaswami MEMS-Based Storage Devices paper1.pdf, paper2.pdf
6/4 Fang Liu Hash-Based IP Traceback paper.pdf
6/11 Arun Qamra, Minghao Wang Connection Scheduling in Web Servers paper1.citeseer, paper2.pdf

Relevant Conferences

Paper and Topic suggestions

Please do not feel limited to this list. You can also make a suggestion of what you would like to present, like some research of yours or what you did for your internship etc.


Network Security

Network Measurements

Network Services/Misc.

Traditional OS, Java OS


Hardware Performance



Mathias Kölsch