Subject: Setting up a Jabber client
From: "Devos, Daniel USA"
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2003 15:42:51 -0800
To: "Savage"

Setting Up a Jabber Client


1.       The first step is to download a Jabber client.  Here is a list of clients we have tested for Windows and where they can be found:


Exodus                   -

Rhymbox                -


I recommend using Rhymbox it has the most refined interface.  Additional clients can be found at


2.       The next step is to log onto a server.  Currently there are two servers, inside the firewall and outside.  Service is not available across the firewall at this time.  So users using Jabber outside the firewall can not be contacted from inside and vise versa.


Here are the settings for an account inside the firewall (For outside substitute with


(Filling out additional information is optional and can be done at a later time.)


Here is some additional information if you wish to create a separate profile:



Create a Username: (Your choice)

Server: or

Password: (Your choice – must have one)



Type: Normal

Host: or

Port: 5222


3.       The next step is to join a conference room.  Currently the rooms inside and outside the firewall will have the same name but not the same content.  To join a conference room click on “find a conference room” then “join room” the room names are “savage” and “xj3d” (This process will be slightly different for different clients).  The JID’s (Jabber ID’s) are:


4.       To contact an individual enter their JID:


Please forward any comments or questions to (Dan Devos)