Simulation Modeling for Analysis

Simulation & ModelingSimulation models for analysis are the workhorse for DoD. Often the situations are far too complex for analytical models, and in these cases it is generally possible to create a simulation model that meets the need. Since traditionally such simulation models are extremely costly and time-consuming to formulate, work in component-based simulation design is important. MOVES is on the cutting edge of component-based simulation modeling for analysis, especially in the work on Event Graph methodology for Discrete Event Simulation (DES) components as well as  loosely-coupled design principles. Work is also ongoing in conjunction with agent-based methodologies to produce models that have the benefits of both world views. Since simulation models do not provide closed-form solutions, as with analytic models, further statistical analysis is necessary to extract the important information from the model. MOVES partners with work being done at the SEED Center in developing new and efficient experimental designs, and SEED Center advances are utilized to enhance the efficiency of simulation model analysis.

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POC: Arnold Buss