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MOVES Highlights Research, Education During Annual Summit"
In any combat situation, the stakes are high and the margin for error is slim. Training the troops and leaders in the most realistic means possible, allowing them to rise to the occasion when making decisions and executing operations is of the utmost importance for the Department of Defense. For the tenth year running, NPS‘ Modeling, Virtual Environments and Simulation, or MOVES, Institute showed off their support of that effort during their annual Research and Education Summit from July 13-15, showcasing a variety of defense-based modeling and simulation research projects.

Towards the Next-generation of Instrumented Training Ranges
An article about a system developed that focuses on technology-supported capturing of non-linear information about exhibited performances based on dynamic individual warfighter poses (3D position, and torso, head, and weapon orientation) and posture.
Newsletter Publication web site link.

'Virtual Instructors,' avatars relieve instructors of burdensome tasks.
This is an article about the BASE-IT project, featured in the Feb./Mar. 2010 issue of the Training & Simulation Journal.


Virtual Sandtable
Amela Sadagic, an research associate professor at the Naval Postgraduate School Modeling, Virtual Environments and Simulation (MOVES) Institute, demonstrates the virtual sand table for urban warfare operations training rehearsals

NY Times Article: "In Battle, Hunches Prove to Be Valuable"
This article discusses how the brain and instinct play a key role in detecting imminent danger on the battlefield. MOVES PhD Steve Burnett is mentioned in the article for his research in this promising field.

MS&T The International Defence Training Journal features Delta3D
The article mentions the Delta3D game engine's distinction as an 'open source' tool.

Experiential eLearning Interview with CDR Joe Sullivan
A Simulations blog features a Q&A interview with MOVES Director CDR Joe Sullivan discussing Military Simulations and Training and the MOVES Institute.

Time for the Navy to Get Into the Game!
An article highlighting the America's Army video game and the need for virtual maritime training for sailors. Written by MOVES colleague, Captain Mark Woolley.

NY Times article about the profession of Simulation
Honorable mention of NPS as an institution offering a degree in Simulation.

MOVES featured in SIGNAL Magazine May 2009 Edition
'School has the MOVES for Cyberspace Cooperation' by Rita Boland. This article features a special interview with MOVES Director CDR Joe Sullivan.

Education and Training Technology in the Military
An article elaborating on the various education and training technologies that incorporate simulation-based instruction for the DOD. Includes a picture taken by MOVES Research Associate Professor Dr. Amela Sadagic.

M&S Leadership Summit 2009 - Regional Initiatives in M&S: Far West
Brief summary of M&S panel including MOVES director CDR Sullivan sharing about key issues for MOVES. The Summit was hosted by the National Training and Simulation Association in Feb. 2009.


MOVES Institute Heads Research Team for New USMC Training System
The Naval Postgraduate School has begun working with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the Sarnoff Corporation on a three-year-long project that will make such automated analyses of Marine Corps training possible.


U.S. Marine Corps Projects in MOVES
Feature on MOVES projects for the United States Marine Corps (PDF)


Segment 1: Heiko describes what MOVES stands for and briefly explains the work taking placing at MOVES. (20.6MB, MOV)

Segment 2: Heiko describes his thesis, how he selected his topic and what he’s doing to conduct research for his thesis. (59.1MB, MOV)

Tactical to Practical segment on the History Channel
The MOVES Institute was featured in a segment on simulation on Tactical to Practical on the History Channel (60.7MB, WMV)

KSBW News Story on Delta3D and the MOVES Institute
The Forward Observer trainer (FOPCSIM) and other applications that use Delta3D are featured in this piece that aired on the local Monterey News KSBW8. (7.0 MB, Quicktime)