The George L. Phillips MOVES Academic Award

The George L. Phillips Modeling, Virtual Environments and Simulation (MOVES) Award is presented to the graduating MOVES student with the most well-rounded record with respect to the Naval Postgraduate School MOVES program. By this, we mean the student whose excellent grades and outstanding thesis helped the most in providing leadership and energy for the MOVES program.

Determination of this award is by a small committee comprised of the MOVES Chairman, the MOVES Academic Associate and the Curricular Officer for the MOVES program. Submissions to that committee are due no less than 40 days before the end of the graduating quarter. This award is given each MOVES graduating class if suitable candidates are identified and submitted.


Commander George L. Phillips, USN (ret.) was the individual most responsible for moving the US Navy into modern modeling and simulation, in part, through his leadership in setting up the MOVES academic program.

Commander Phillips defined the subspecialty code (P-code) fulfilled by the MOVES degree, obtaining N6 as a sponsor for the academic program, and worked with the Navy, Army and Marine Corps to provide students for the MOVES program. Strongly supporting the program in all aspects, he rose beyond the call of duty in working for the program's success. For these reasons, we have sought to honor him by naming the MOVES graduation award after him.

Commander Phillips was a 1967 graduate of the NPS Operations Research program.

Award definition memorandum

George L. Phillips Award -- Previous Recipients
September 2010 - LTC Sotiris Papadopoulos, Hellenic Army
March 2010 - Maj Ben Brown, USMC
September 2009 - Kapitänleutnant Heiko Abel, German Navy
September 2008 - LT Ryan Alexander Rippeon, USN
September 2008 - Maj Eric S. Whittington, USMC
September 2007 - LCDR John Alan Schiaffino, USN
March 2007 - Capt Themistoklis Papadopoulos, Hellenic Air Force
March 2006 - Maj Mounir Sidhom, Tunisian Air Force
September 2005 - Maj James P. McDonough, USMC
March 2005 - Tan Kok Soon Oliver, Singapore Defence Science & Technology Agency
September 2004 - Capt Raymond Purcell, USMC
March 2004 - LT Dimitrios Filiagos, Hellenic Navy
September 2003 - LT Michael Mosbruger, USN
June 2003 - Captain Thomas Orichel, German Army
March 2003 - LT Sharif H. Calfee, USN
September 2002 - CDR Brian Osborn, USN
September 2002 - CDR Eric Krebs, USNR
March 2002 - LT David Back, USN
September 2001 - 1st LT Eray Unguder, Turkish Army
March 2001 - LTJG Askin Ercetin, Turkish Navy
September 2000 - LCDR Kim Roddy, USN