MOVES Faculty

The MOVES academic program is not a department or an Institute; therefore all faculty associated with the MOVES academic degree program have their primary appointment in a Department or Institute at NPS.

MOVES Academic Faculty advise and/or teach in the MOVES academic degree program.

First Last Title Areas of Research
Jeff Appleget Senior Lecturer, Operations Research Department Integer Programming, Wargaming, Combat Modeling, Human, Social, Culture and Behavior modeling, Irregular Warfare and Counterinsurgency
Eric Bachmann Associate Professor of Computer Science large scale virtual environments and human posture and position tracking using small inertial and magnetic sensors.
Wolfgang Baer Research Associate Professor of Information Sciences terrain modeling, visual simulation, quantum information
Imre Balogh Research Associate Professor of MOVES Combat Modeling, Behavior Models
Bill Becker Research Associate Professor of MOVES training effectiveness, physiological effects
Curtis Blais Research Associate of MOVES combat models, interoperability
Gordon Bradley Professor of Operations Research improvised explosive devices (IEDs)
Don Brutzman Associate Professor of Information Sciences web-based simulation, interoperability
Arnie Buss Research Assistant Professor of MOVES discrete event simulation
Paul Chatelier Research Associate Professor Human Systems Integration, Human Systems Technology, Modeling an Simulation for Advanced Distributed Learning, NATO Human Factors and Medical
Peter Chu Professor of Oceanography ocean modeling
Tony Ciavarelli Research Professor of MOVES human performance assessment, web-based learning
Rudy Darken Professor of Computer Science human performance assessment, game-based training
Christian Darken Associate Professor of Computer Science Artificial Intelligence, Computer Animation, Cognitive Engineering, Cognitive and Behavioral Modeling
John Falby Senior Lecturer of Computer Science virtual environments for training, programming
Don Gaver Retired Distinguished Professor of Operations Research, Rehired Annuitant stochastic modeling, data analysis in operations analysis, particularly with application test and evaluation
John Hiles Research Professor of Computer Science agent modeling, complex adaptive systems
Sue Hutchins Research Associate Professor of Information Sciences human decision making, team collaboration, cognitive task analysis, human factors
Pat Jacobs Professor of Operations Research stochastic modeling and data analysis
Quinn Kennedy Lecturer, Operations Research Department Expertise and other individual difference factors affecting flight performance
Mathias Kölsch Assistant Professor of Computer Science computer vision, hand gesture recognition, augmented and virtual environments, sensor networks and mobile/embedded computing
Moshe Kress Professor of Operations Research combat models
Ted Lewis Professor of Computer Science legacy IT Systems, critical infrastructure protection, network science
Tom Lucas Associate Professor of Operations Research statistics, experimental design, combat models
Michael McCauley Research Professor, Operations Research human performance assessment, training systems
Perry McDowell Director of Delta3D, Research Associate of MOVES Game-based training, open source software, integrating new technology into learning.
Eugene Paulo Senior Lecturer systems engineering
Neil Rowe Professor of Computer Science artificial intelligence
Amela Sadagic Research Associate Professor of MOVES human factors and presence in VR, virtual simulations for learning and training, multiuser collaborative environments, diffusion of innovation
Paul Sanchez Senior Lecturer of Operations Research discrete event simulation, statistics, design of experiments
Susan Sanchez Professor of Operations Research statistics, numerical analysis
Nita Shattuck Associate Professor, Operations Research and Systems Engineering Fatigue and Circadian Rhythms, Human Systems Integration and Human Performance
Gurminder Singh Professor of Computer Science Mobile Devices and Wireless Sensor Networks
Joe Sullivan Director of MOVES Institute human performance, aviation, visual simulation
Robert Wisher Research Professor Distributed learning, skill retention, training systems analysis
Xiaoping Yun Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering robotics, control systems, sensors (inertial/magnetic, MEMS, and wireless), human body motion tracking, nanotechnology
Ji Hyun Yang Research Associate Professor cognitive engineering, human performance modeling, transportation safety, human factors engineering, team performance