Current Student Affairs

The MOVES Program Officer is CDR Duane Davis, USN
(831) 656-7980, DSN 756-7980
Office: Glasgow Hall East, Room 309

The Program Officer is an organizational entity that is separate from, but interactive with, the Academic Departments, Groups and Committees in the educational operations of the school. The Program Officer is a U.S. Naval officer whose primary functions, with assistance from civilian faculty members, are to:

  1. Provide academic counseling and military supervision of officer students
  2. Develop and manage curriculum to ensure attainment of professional and academic objectives
  3. Liaison with curricular sponsor representatives

George L. Phillips Award for MOVES Graduates

MOVES Program Officer Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

"How to Get Your GreenSheet" brief (2011-04)

MOVES Thesis Research Guide (Effective 2009-08)

MOVES Thesis Guidelines

Thesis abstracts must answer the following questions:

  1. What is the problem that has been addressed? 
    • Also: Why is this problem an important problem?
    • Also: What are existing approaches/solutions?
  2. What was the method employed to solve the problem, and maybe: why was this method chosen?
  3. What was the result? 
    • Give the most important quantitative/qualitative result(s).
    • For example, show that the method solve the problem?
    • And, how does the method shape up against other methods?

As in any academic institution, theses and their abstracts need to exhibit academic rigor and follow principles of scientific evaluation. The clearer your abstract states those three main points, the more important your thesis will be. Writing abstracts is a difficult matter and can not be done as the last step of your thesis. It needs to be drafted, re-written, and changed again to be more concise, more legible, and most importantly, to be accurate. You cannot claim that you solved a problem if your results section in the thesis does not back that up.

Approvals:  The student's thesis advisor, the Program Officer and the MOVES Academic Committee Chair must approve the study program and the thesis topic.

Thesis proposal template (effective 2009-07)

NPS IRB Student Research Checklist

Thesis proposal sample (effective 2009-07)

Thesis proposal sample for joint thesis with a non-MOVES student (effective 2009-07)

Thesis advisor policy

USMC Thesis Opportunites

Graduation checklist