Congratulations to MOVES September 2010 graduates!

Pictured from left to right:
Lt. Col. Anthony Tvaryanas, USAF (Ph.D. in Modeling, Simulation and Virtual Environments - MOVES), LTC Sotiris Papadopoulos, Hellenic Army (MS in MOVES), LT Kevin Jacobson, USN (MS in MOVES), 1st Lt. Ernur Kemik, Turkish Air Force (MS in MOVES), LTC William Glaser, USA (MS in MOVES), 1st Lt. Omer Arslan, Turkish Air Force (MS in MOVES), LT Ryan Hernandez, USN (MS in MOVES), and CDR Joe Sullivan, USN (Ph.D. in MOVES).

MOVES Alumni Updates

MOVES doctoral alumnus MAJ McClernon wins prestigious award for Best Student Paper

MOVES is very pleased to announce that recent MOVES doctoral student, Major Chris McClernon, USAF, won the “Alphonse Chapanis Best Student Paper Award” at the 54th Annual Meeting of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society in San Francisco on Tuesday. Over 20 candidates for this award were evaluated by a panel of judges who considered both written and oral presentation of their papers. Dr. McClernon’s paper, titled, “Stress Training Enhances Pilot Performance During a Stressful Flying Task,” was particularly relevant to a pilot with intense personal experience in “a Stressful Flying Task,” Captain “Sully” Sullenberger (nationally proclaimed pilot who safely landed on the Hudson River, sparing all lives aboard), who was the meeting’s keynote speaker.

Pictured above (left to right): Dr. Mike McCauley, Captain “Sully” Sullenberger, Dr. Chris McClernon, and Dr. Joe Sullivan.

Spring 2009 Ph.D. alumnus LT Patrick Jungkunz (Germany) Surprise visit to MOVES

MOVES recently had the pleasant surprise of a visit from our spring 2009 Ph.D. alumnus LT Patrick Jungkunz. Patrick was traveling through the Monterey area with his wife and children. He decided to make a stop by MOVES to say hi to several professors. He inadvertently came close to becoming a test subject for an eye tracking experiment while he was at it! In this photo, Patrick scopes out the project and catches up with CDR Sullivan.

MOVES Sep 2009 graduate LT Ken Maroon speaks about “SPAWAR M&S Opportunities”

LT Ken Maroon was a featured speaker at a MOVES Brown Bag gathering and provided an update about how he and some other MOVES graduates have been making use of their MOVES degree. LT Maroon is currently serving at SPAWAR Systems Center - Pacific (SSC PAC) in San Diego, and he spoke to current students about the projects he’s involved with in his new post, SPAWAR M&S opportunities for upcoming MOVES grads, and he also extended an invitation for all MOVES students and faculty to come down to sunny San Diego for a personal tour of the SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific.

MOVES Sept. 2009 graduate Major Chris Fitzpatrick joins fellow members of the MAA Branch’s Combat XXI Development Team during a visit to MOVES

Major Chris Fitzpatrick along with fellow members of the MAA Branch’s Combat XXI Development Team had an opportunity to visit the MOVES Institute on 4-5 May 2010. During the visit, Dr. Balogh provided a brief on how the ACQUIRE algorithm is programmed into the model to search for entities. They were also able to discuss future plans on how MCCDC and MOVES will work together on the model to analyze future Marine Corps operations. The MAA Branch is proud of the relationship they have developed with NPS. The MOVES Institute is helping USMC Analysts provide sound analytic guidance to Marine Corps leaders as they shape the future of the Marine Corps.

MOVES 2004 Alumnus Maj Glenn Hodges visits for an Advanced Simulation Course

MAJ Hodges recently participated in an Advanced Simulation Course, a short course for senior leaders in Modeling and Simulation in the US Army. The two week long meeting is held annually at the Naval Postgraduate School and open to both military and civilian M&S professionals. While here at NPS, MAJ Hodges stopped by MOVES to catch up with faculty and staff.

MOVES Sep 2008 graduate Major Eric Whittington presented “USMC Training Modeling & Simulation.”

Eric presented during one of MOVES weekly Brown Bag lunch gatherings on the topic of how the MOVES degree is used by the USMC, including Eric’s experiences with Joint Forces Command (JFCOM), Department of Defense, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), M&S Developers, and the Congressional M&S Caucus. In addition, Eric spent three days at MOVES demonstrating the most current version of the USMC’s title 10 staff training simulation - Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Tactical Warfare Simulation (MTWS). The training was available for DoD personnel and MOVES faculty concerning the administration and operation of the new software.

MOVES 2005 graduate (formerly Major) Joe Nolan promoted to Lieutenant Colonel

MOVES would like to commend LTC Joe Nolan for his recent promotion. LTC Nolan is the Chief for theTechnical Development and Innovations Branch, IN (FA57, Simulations Operations) U.S. Army, J7-JWFC, USJFCOM. Read more about LTC Nolan’s work in the ‘Where Are They Now?” Alumni Update in the MOVES Fall 2009 Newsletter (