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Virtual Humans


A research program focused on expanding our understanding about the representation of humans in Virtual Environments and a range of different issues that influence our perception as well as the way we behave as users of such environments.

Current projects:

  1. "3D Display and Capture of Humans for Live-Virtual Training"

    • Sponsor: Office of Naval Research (ONR)
    • Partner institutions: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - UNC, and NPS, MOVES Institute
    • Funding period: FY09, FY10, FY11, F12
    • Abstract: We are carrying out research, development, and evaluation of work in both 3D display and sensing, initially aimed at Mixed/Augmented Reality-based live-virtual training, but with potential for broader impact. The first component of the work is aimed at creating physically present virtual humans in 3D, without the need for HMDs or special time/phase/wavelength glasses. The second component of the work is aimed at a new idea for hybrid global/body-relative and cooperative estimation of full kinematic body and weapon posture, supporting multiple individuals working in close proximity during training exercises, for both kinetic and non-kinetic scenarios. This muti-institution research effort incorporates two distinct research activities that will be organized at the NPS MOVES Institute: (1) one is aimed at obtaining a thorough understanding of a relevant training domain, its actors, and their specific needs (both current and projected); the domains include tactical cultural awareness training, urban warfighting (indoor and outdoor), fire drills on ships and submarines. (2) The second one includes a series of user investigations on the basic elements of users acting in related environment in the context of the 3D display and sensing efforts. The latter includes a series of technology related user studies and conducting usability investigations, studies of sense of presence and subjective acceptance of several different modalities of virtual 3D humans.
    • Domains:: Augmented/mixed reality (AR/MR), Virtual Environments, Presence in VR.

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